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Comments by Mahdi Nejadsahebi (Top 56 by date)

Mahdi Nejadsahebi 18-Sep-17 2:06am View    
Dear Grame
I think it can help someone when he/she is searching about something like this, doesn't it?
thanks for your comment
Mahdi Nejadsahebi 28-Mar-17 2:17am View    
Dear Richard i respect to you for spending your time to ans me.
Let me test and then i'll tell you the result.
Mahdi Nejadsahebi 28-Mar-17 2:15am View    
I've no idea about you dear frined (0x01AA) ... but thanks for your comment.
Mahdi Nejadsahebi 26-Mar-17 8:04am View    
Excuse me my friend
i can't findout my problem when i read the link that you've sent.
can you explain for me?
although i'm working with opencl 1.2.
Mahdi Nejadsahebi 15-Jan-17 7:12am View    
yeah, you were right.
The problem was about the operator.
I used the "atomicAdd(&_sum[0], 1);" and that has fixed.
Thank you so much dear friend.