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Comments by Adam Jones (Top 11 by date)

Adam Jones 30-May-14 6:22am View    
I have tried this but this add the contact to the array instead of replacing it.
i can fudge it be forcing a refresh on success
Adam Jones 22-May-14 10:00am View    
No errors and the UI updates on a refresh
Adam Jones 19-Nov-13 5:27am View    
The problem is not the connection to the db
how do i output the objects onto the adverts.php page
Adam Jones 19-Nov-13 5:16am View    
not helpful sorry
Adam Jones 19-Nov-13 5:04am View    
The connection is fine to the db. The help i need need it outputting the methode to the front page as a single properties like <html>php echo $row = ["advertname"] ? </html>