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Comments by Chris Maunder (Top 200 by date)

Chris Maunder 10-Oct-22 22:09pm View    
Closing this question because it's a repeat of your previous one (which is live)
Chris Maunder 2-Sep-22 18:44pm View    
You may want to add the URL for the article to your question. Maybe the author, or someone who knows the author, will spot it and send you a note. Or - maybe we can dig in and find out.
Chris Maunder 22-Mar-22 1:58am View    
Happy to help out if you post the actual HTML you're trying to display. Otherwise we're just guessing
Chris Maunder 15-Oct-21 9:47am View    
Not sure why this is a problem, Richard. People still Google for this problem and this seems to be a solid answer that included the tip on setting transparency to false that the other answer didn't include. (and yes, my comment is also 4 years too late! :))
Chris Maunder 15-Apr-21 15:10pm View    
a) How is berating someone helpful?
b) If you feel the need to be negative then make it a comment, not an answer, please. Or simply just vote it down and move on.