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How much do you embellish your resume/CV

13 Sep 2010 to 20 Sep 2010 Embellishing a resume is part of the game, but you do realise that employers have heard of Google and can use a phone, right? (suggested by El Corazon)

Text entry answers for sorted by frequency of occurrance.

(2) CListCtrl
(1) CListCtrlEx
(1) don't have CV
(1) Fill Gaps by 'Stretching' dates.
(1) Honesty is the best policy!
(1) I do not need a CV I am in long term employment.
(1) I do the other way around. I can't put everything on 2 pages and handing 15-page booklet is wrong!
(1) I enhance the title description to fit the actual job performed.
(1) I hide obsolete technologies to avoid legacy-maintenance projects (e.g. Cobol or VB6).
(1) I provide the minimum of information and let potential employers draw their own conclusions.
(1) I remove anything that is not relevant to the post I am applying for, and emphasise the relevant bits. I have been known to drop job titles and / or salary levels so as not to scare employers too much...
(1) I specify my role in team efforts and provide traceable references. That being said, most of the work I do, even in a team is a large component that is key to the system and I work on it alone.
(1) I take credit for CListCtrl
(1) I try with the help of recruiters change the wording to get more noticed
(1) I use portfolio more frequently than a resume.
(1) is this a search box?
(1) Just Keeping is Simple.
(1) Just telling the truth
(1) Lies will eventually catch up with those who pad their CVs
(1) mention things I have touched but may not have used extensively
(1) my CV embellishs me
(1) my CV is an empty paper. Its very hard to prepare it, I am serious.
(1) My CV is full of courses I've taken, but are so old I've forgotten what most of them were about.
(1) My last was 29 yesras ago - I can't remeber !!!!
(1) Never needed one. My last two employers asked me to work for them by reputation.
(1) No embellishments, but tailor the resume for the job being applied for -- emphasize your skills in the areas most asked for. Any exaggeration will bite you during the interview. And it's OK to tout your accomplishments in a team environment, but not to make it sound like you did everything single-handedly.
(1) No need to embellish when you really do have skills.
(1) qqqq
(1) Succes, Money, Rich, Profitful, Success,
(1) Use big words like 'large scale enterprise project' or 'massive data warehousing operation'
(1) Vague on how well I know a technology. Let's see how I do on interview
(1) What's a CV?
(1) Allways try to find the best way to discribe skills/achievments without any streching.
(1) Change the dates of previous employments to cover "unemployed holes" in the timeline