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26 Jun 2000 -
  2 Jul 2000
What will .NET mean for you?
.NET has been announced and promises to herald a new era in distributed computing. As a developer, do you foresee major changes in your work?
19 Jun 2000 -
  25 Jun 2000
Are you a programming snob?
Do you feel certain programming languages attract more esteem than others? Is MFC passe? Do you hide your VB books from your friends? Do you use a fake name on the ASP newsgroups?
12 Jun 2000 -
  18 Jun 2000
Code Reuse - does it happen?
Would the company you work for rather have you spend a week or two writing a developer utility, even though one exists commercially, or do they just buy the appropriate tools you recommend that would do the job?
5 Jun 2000 -
  11 Jun 2000
What OS do you prefer to develop for?
Regardless of what some say, there is a plethora of Operating Systems to develop for. Which is your favorite?
29 May 2000 -
  4 Jun 2000
How do you work with your employer?
The 9-5 office job is definitely passe in this day and age. What's your situation, and do you prefer it this way?
22 May 2000 -
  28 May 2000
Why do you program?
What is it about programming that keeps you glued to your keyboard?
15 May 2000 -
  21 May 2000
Who is to blame for the macro virus?
Is software at fault for allowing macro virii to spread, or are users bringing the problems upon themselves.
30 Apr 2000 -
  6 May 2000
The break-up of Microsoft
The US government has officially asked that MS be broken up. Is this fair?
26 Apr 2000 -
  2 May 2000
Easter Eggs: Harmless fun or symptoms of poor management?
Inserting Easter Eggs in software has become a time honored tradition, but sometimes things can get out of hand. Has the time come for companies to get tough?
17 Apr 2000 -
  23 Apr 2000
Is the DotCom money machine over?
The Nasdaq composite index had its worst weekly performance of all time last week. For thosing working at dot-coms, how will this affect you?
10 Apr 2000 -
  16 Apr 2000
Netscape 6 is out - what do you think?
It's bold, it's different, and it's been a long wait! But is it any good?
4 Apr 2000 -
  10 Apr 2000
The Ruling on the Microsoft Anti-trust case
The DOJ has ruled that Microsoft deliberately violated US anti-trust laws. What will this mean for the future of the company?
27 Mar 2000 -
  2 Apr 2000
Do university degrees in computing (or related) really serve their purpose in the real world
Do tertiary qualifications really cut it?

Thanks to Shanker for suggesting this poll.
20 Mar 2000 -
  26 Mar 2000
What is your favorite Windows programming language
Some languages that were frowned upon are now the flavor of the month, while old staples are now passe.
10 Mar 2000 -
  16 Mar 2000
What do you spend most time on?
For the MFC developers: Are you spending time developing new applications, or is it mostly just maintaining current apps?
28 Feb 2000 -
  5 Mar 2000
Should Microsoft make Windows Open Source?
Opening your source - or at least part of it - is becoming an industry trend. Should Microsoft follow suit? Why?
20 Feb 2000 -
  26 Feb 2000
Has Windows 2000 lived up to your expectations?
Windows 2000 was officially released last week - but has been in circulation for a while. Has it been worth the wait?
15 Feb 2000 -
  21 Feb 2000
Windows 2000 - are you game?
Windows 2000 is officially released this week. With a service pack released already, are you game to install Microsoft's latest offering?
9 Feb 2000 -
  15 Feb 2000
The future of MFC under under Windows DNA
What is the future of MFC in future distributed environments?
28 Jan 2000 -
  3 Feb 2000
What is the future of software development
Will software continue to be dominated by commercial businesses, or will Public Domain software take over?

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