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15 Aug 2022 -
  22 Aug 2022
Do you expect users to read the instructions when using your apps?
8 Aug 2022 -
  15 Aug 2022
Do you feel you fully understand the vision and purpose of the software project you're working on?
Sure you can be told the "what", but do you have the "why"?
1 Aug 2022 -
  8 Aug 2022
Have you ever taught anyone to code?
"Teaching" can mean from start to finish, or simply just helping someone learning to code work through a coding issue (like helping with homework or being a support tutor)
25 Jul 2022 -
  1 Aug 2022
When buying a new computer, how important are each of the following?
18 Jul 2022 -
  25 Jul 2022
Do you code on sick days?
Some stay in bed, som binge watch TV. And some of us can't keep away from the keyboard
11 Jul 2022 -
  18 Jul 2022
What do you do if your internet connection goes down at work?
"at work" means anywhere you're working. An office, your home, the local coffee shop. Obviously multiple options apply here in various orders of desperation
4 Jul 2022 -
  11 Jul 2022
Do you take a development machine with you on holidays?
A laptop, a mini PC, a tablet that allows you to remote to a Virtual Desktop. There are options.
27 Jun 2022 -
  4 Jul 2022
What language are you using for AI development or learning?
Whether you're at work or home, hard core coding or just trying to figure out this AI thing, which languages have you used in your adventures?
20 Jun 2022 -
  27 Jun 2022
You discover a sentient AI in your org's system. What do you do?
Well you never know what sort of orphaned projects previous employees have left behind...
13 Jun 2022 -
  20 Jun 2022
Your boss says everyone must head back to the office full time. What's your response?
6 Jun 2022 -
  13 Jun 2022
Do you upgrade your computers' components?
We're talking about just the main computer, not any peripherals.
30 May 2022 -
  6 Jun 2022
When you use code from a library such as NuGet, PIP, npm etc, what due dilligence do you do?
23 May 2022 -
  30 May 2022
How important is naming to you in your code?
There are 2 hard problems in Computer Science: caching, naming and off-by-one errors
16 May 2022 -
  23 May 2022
On which operating systems are you writing code?
Let's see if things have changed since we last ran this. "writing code" meaning editing, building, and running the code on that OS.
9 May 2022 -
  16 May 2022
Do you use Code Coverage tools?
A critical tool or an unnecessary critic?
2 May 2022 -
  9 May 2022
Which devices or platforms would you most like to program?
Imagine you had the tools and experience to mess around with any piece of code on any piece of hardware. What would be on your TODO list?
25 Apr 2022 -
  2 May 2022
You're being handed someone else's code to manage. What do you most hope for?
18 Apr 2022 -
  25 Apr 2022
How would you use Artificial Intelligence in your apps?
Sure it's a hammer, but there a lots of different shaped nails
11 Apr 2022 -
  18 Apr 2022
How would you describe a Software Developer?
Pick 1 for "not even close" to 5 for "Spot on". If you're a developer, maybe get a second opinion from the closest person non-developer near you.
4 Apr 2022 -
  11 Apr 2022
How do you participate in Open Source projects?
We'll define "Open Source" as being code that is released under a license that allows a user to use, study, change, and distribute the software and its source code. Contributed by Shao Voon Wong.

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