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Ash is a C# developer (MCAD) with a background developing e-commerce and content management solutions. His current role includes working with VOIP systems, integration and maintenance of business and billing apps. His personal projects include the ScrollingGrid web control to enable cross-browser freeze-header 2-way scrolling of DataGrids. His other interests include travel, cinema, Squash, photography, Muay Thai.


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GeneralUseful apps [modified] Pin
Ashley van Gerven29-Sep-06 6:51
Ashley van Gerven29-Sep-06 6:51 
GeneralRe: Useful apps Pin
Member 147642312-Sep-08 7:30
Member 147642312-Sep-08 7:30 
GeneralRe: Pagination Pin
Ashley van Gerven13-Sep-08 19:12
Ashley van Gerven13-Sep-08 19:12 
GeneralSig history thread Pin
Ashley van Gerven3-Mar-06 6:56
Ashley van Gerven3-Mar-06 6:56 
Generaluntil all the facts are in [modified] Pin
Ashley van Gerven11-Mar-06 1:32
Ashley van Gerven11-Mar-06 1:32 
GeneralThank's Pin
Tuan Phuc12-May-06 0:29
Tuan Phuc12-May-06 0:29 
GeneralFor fifty bucks I'd put my face in their soup and blow Pin
Ashley van Gerven6-Sep-06 6:22
Ashley van Gerven6-Sep-06 6:22 
QuestionRe: Sig history thread Pin
Rambabukasiboina2-Aug-07 5:18
Rambabukasiboina2-Aug-07 5:18 

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