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Jonathan C Dickinson - Professional Profile


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Jonathan Dickinson started programming at age eight when he got a VIC 20.

He used BASIC for the following four years, followed by Visual Basic for 3 years, and then got his hands on C# Beta 1 in March 2001. The transistion from BASIC to a C-Derivative was a challenging one. Since then he has dabbled with numerous programming languages including C/++, Java/script, Euphoria, Matlab, Octave, Actionscript, Python, Ruby and a limited amount of Assembler. He knows, like any developer worth his salt, a variety of markup languages such as XML and HTML.

He is currently working on several open source projects: and is most excited about a CIL Operating System called Ensemble.

Jonathan spends most of his time working but finds time for pet projects. His true loves are those who are close to him and programming: so he spends most of his time with his girlfriend and programming. He enjoys creating fusions between hardware and software, but he still has a lot more to learn about hardware.


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