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I Graduated in Natural Sciences (Chemistry & Physics) from Durham University, where I did not cover myself with glory, but did fill, and often cover, myself with beer.

I qualified as a secondary school teacher, but I hated teaching. I worked as an IT techhie for a few years but kept being promoted to IT Trainer, thanks to my teaching experience, which I also disliked. I spent some time working out what else I could do instead and reduced beer intake.

I realised that I should work as a programmer, having enjoyed it a hobby since I was a nipper in the halcyon days of the Sinclair Spectrum (48k, Rubber Keyboard). Spent two weeks working out why I didn't think of this to start with, instead of starting my dull-as-ditch-water Chemistry degree 8 years earlier. Had a beer to celebrate.

I Graduated in 2001 with an MSc from Newcastle Uni in Comp Sci. Did cover myself with glory, and drank some beer.

.Netting ever since, and loving it. Though I have largely given up beer due to not being able to hack the pace like I used to.

I was born, brought up, and have lived most of my life near Newcastle. In a fit of temporary insanity I moved to Amman, in my wife's homeland of Jordan, but made it back safely to the UK without any extra holes being made in my person by bullets. To be fair it was pretty safe at the time, if you ignored the roads.

Visit Jordan if you can by the way, the landscape is beautiful and varied, the food excellent and the people the friendliest on earth, after Geordies naturally Smile | :) .



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professionalKeith Barrow18-May-11 14:03 
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DaveAuld31-Mar-11 3:36
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Keith Barrow31-Mar-11 4:18
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Keith Barrow14-Mar-11 10:07
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Keith Barrow7-Feb-11 1:58
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Ali Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)26-Feb-11 3:18
professionalAli Al Omairi(Abu AlHassan)26-Feb-11 3:18 
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Keith Barrow4-Jan-11 7:57
professionalKeith Barrow4-Jan-11 7:57 

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