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Curtis Taylor - Professional Profile


Designing interface is an interaction between user and developer. Two things drew me to software development - the abstraction of writing code and the challenge of presenting that abstraction to human beings in a way they can understand. When I first started studying human interaction with products, objects and particularly software interfaces, I noticed people often believed they were dumb when they did not understand an interface. However, rather than fix the problem, the industry standardized interfaces which lacked the ability to engage most users. The industry attempted to fix the user, rather than the interface.

People are organic. Computers are not. So the work of making software interfaces more understandable, practical, and enjoyable became something I wanted to do. Software development is my connection to serving people. People are more important than things. Perhaps my message will be communicated in the interfaces I create, the code I write, and the feedback, training and team-work I offer to other developers.

I love WPF and Silverlight! So much so, Infragistics found me and hired me to be a consultant and trainer. At Infragistics I work directly with customers helping them solve technical and UI-related issues with WPF and Silverlight, I provide training as a fellow software engineer, and I develop custom solutions for customers who wish to utilize our Services a step beyond the capabilities of our products.


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