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Bartosz Bien - Professional Profile


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I am a software designer and developer. I build bridges!

I build bridges between reality and imagination (design and creation of video games, video game production tools):
• experience managing a technological team for almost 10 years (around 30 projects),
• co-created multiple video games for demanding hardware platforms,
• implemented game-like interaction and awarding systems in non-game applications to make them

I build bridges between theory and visualization (design and creation of decision support systems):
• created an innovative tool for interconnecting various techniques of artificial intelligence,
• created multiple expert systems that were used for proving PhD theses, and then implemented in
the industry.

I build bridges between companies and people (design and creation of scientific, industrial and
business software):
• created multiple software packages in the field of civionics, including bridge management systems
and real-time measurement / data processing software,
• created and developed 7 large applications for business / state customers,
• created and sold first own C++ application back in 1996; after some upgrades it still serves its
commercial purpose for the client.

Projects with value up to $14M, ranging from complex industrial, business and scientific applications using highly customized MFC and proprietary user interaction systems, through AAA video games and creation tools, up to WinRT applications created for the launch event of Microsoft Windows 8.


Primary Technologies (everyday usage):
C++ (expert level), C++11, MFC, proprietary systems

Also: .NET (C#, C++/CX), WPF, Silverlight, DirectX (+ Direct2D), OpenGL, HTML5/JS, PHP, SQL, XML, Python, Visual Studio Tools for Office, Perforce, SVN, ...anything that gets me closer to the goal!

Primary Platforms: Win32/Win64, WinRT (Windows 8), Xbox360, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Windows Phone 8, Nintendo 3DS (also: GBA, Digiblast, PocketPC/ARM)


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