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There were these two guys at work who programmed a product costing programme on the new Wang (10Meg Winchester). I looked at their spaghetti and thought uhh, what's going on there. That was while ago, as I see that the spiral bound Wang Professional Computer Series "Basic Language Guide" Third Edition, which I've just pulled off the bookshelf, was published in 1985.

Shortly after that "the corporation" upgraded to the heavenly Amstrad 1512's (20Meg). Paul and I cracked the password file and I was really keen on creating a key logger but decided that I wanted to keep my job instead.

Way before all of this my cousin had a computer and although I can't remember what make it was, it seems that his programming pinnacle was making the lights on it's front panel flash on and off. At the time I was more interested in Lego. Happy days.

Back to the Wang, if that not too rude a phrase, I remember that our IT professional programmed F1 to enter the mainframe password because no one knew what it was!

Most embarrassing computer moment... Having to admit that it was me who had typed del c:\*.*


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