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Erlend Robaye - Professional Profile


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Studied Math and later System Analysis.
Made computer graphics on Commodore Amiga for games Ziriax and Zarathrusta (GPOD on pocket PC).
Started working in 1990 on Vax/Vms system.
Programmed Vax Basic for 5 years, ticket reservation system, Weight and Balancing System, tools for source generation etc.
Started working for Distrigas(later renamed to Fluxys) in 1995 on Vax/Vms using Vax Pascal. Developed a DataBase Engine and a Color Ui using SMG, delevolped many generic software layers and tools.
Switched to PC programming using C# in 2001. Have been programming C# every since and loving every bit of it.
I also make 3D based logos, do some oilpainting and I love to cook ( and eat of course Wink | ;) ).
I love good music (Ozric Tentacles, Porcupine Tree, Millionaire, dEUS, QotsA, Shpongle, Ratm, Pink floyd, dub, jazz, blues, etc ), good movies and a good book ( dudde tjsum ! ).

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