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Ross Holder - Professional Profile


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A veteran software developer, Ross has been coding professionally since the dawn of the Web. Starting off by doing web pages at a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) in his home city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, his track record is one of building software using the best practices and technologies available. That means keeping a close eye on the tech industry and quickly learning how to apply that knowledge to the fullest effect. With adaptivity to change being central to the career of a successful software developer, having a passion about technology is essential. That kind of passion shows in Ross's attitude both at and away from his desk; for whether he's helping friends and family with computer problems or adding yet another article about a problem being tackled on his personal blog - Ross isn't ashamed to admit he's a "geek" to the core.

Although he's led teams of developers several times in his career and enjoys being a 'mentor' whenever the opportunity arises, staying somewhat hands-on is important too. His ambitions toward technical leadership are tempered by a desire to be "close to the code".

Microsoft Visual C#/VB.NET, (D)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silverlight, Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft Windows Vista & Server 2008 (and earlier versions of Windows), Unified Modeling Language (UML), Windows Live ID & related technolgies, MS-DOS Scripting, PowerShell, T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008


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