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My name is Ramon Smits and I live in the Netherlands in Rotterdam. My profession is software development and I work for the company InfoSupport. I develop using the programming languages C++, C#, VB6, (D)HTML, JavaScript, ASP(.NET), T-SQL. Languages that I used in the past are Borland Pascal and even x86 assembler (I still use it if I really have to but not at work but as a hobby). I am also familiar with (D)COM, MTS/COM+, ATL/WTL, STL, OLEDB, ADO, DirectX. So you could say that you can put me everywhere in an n-tier environment Smile | :) . I have knowledge about SOA, OO, UML, Prince II.

Developing with Microsoft ASP.NET with serviced components and webservices is my main occupation at work. Current projects are build with SOA like architecture. I am experienced with TDD, unittesting, interoperability, contract-first and agile practices.

When I'm at home and I really do not have anything to-do except watching Jerry Springer I turn on my nice old computer and do some cool coding. Some years ago I did this in Watcom C++ with the pmode extender in VESA but now I use managed C++ with DirectX 9. I have common knowledge about 3D engines, particle systems, terrain engines and general graphics programming.

Then there are three hobbies left and that's volleybal, formula one and sudoku Wink | ;-)


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