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C# / SQL Server developer
Microsoft MVP (Azure) 2017
Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic) 2006, 2007



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GeneralServerless London (November) Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones5-Jul-19 4:33
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones5-Jul-19 4:33 
GeneralDDD East Anglia - another "Introduction to Event Sourcing" Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones30-Aug-17 3:12
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones30-Aug-17 3:12 
GeneralCQRS and Event Sourcing in Edinburgh Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones26-Jun-17 22:15
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones26-Jun-17 22:15 
NewsAnother CQRS and Event Sourcing talk Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones14-Jun-17 8:37
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones14-Jun-17 8:37 
GeneralRe: Another CQRS and Event Sourcing talk Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones12-Jul-17 6:09
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones12-Jul-17 6:09 
GeneralLearning makes earning... Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones24-Feb-17 1:11
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones24-Feb-17 1:11 
GeneralMicrosoft MVP 2017 Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones1-Jan-17 7:59
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones1-Jan-17 7:59 
GeneralCQRS modelling code gen update Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones5-Dec-16 12:41
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones5-Dec-16 12:41 
GeneralRe: CQRS modelling code gen update Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones15-Dec-16 12:30
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones15-Dec-16 12:30 
JokeThe long and the short of it Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones21-Nov-16 9:28
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones21-Nov-16 9:28 
GeneralI have coded myself into a corner Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones31-Oct-16 11:11
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones31-Oct-16 11:11 
GeneralCQRS on Azure gets a show-and-tell Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones13-Oct-16 23:41
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones13-Oct-16 23:41 
GeneralNew laptop needed Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones10-Aug-16 22:40
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones10-Aug-16 22:40 
GeneralRe: New laptop needed Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones23-Aug-16 4:55
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones23-Aug-16 4:55 
GeneralDesigning for a "just add more hardware" architecture Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones4-Aug-16 1:20
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones4-Aug-16 1:20 
GeneralDistributed hosts for a CQRS/ES system Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones1-Aug-16 9:47
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones1-Aug-16 9:47 
GeneralCaching projections on CQRS Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones7-Jul-16 6:56
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones7-Jul-16 6:56 
GeneralWhat a way to start a day Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones1-Jul-16 21:27
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones1-Jul-16 21:27 
GeneralDarkest hour is before the dawn Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones10-May-16 5:33
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones10-May-16 5:33 
GeneralSo very cold... Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones11-Apr-16 10:39
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones11-Apr-16 10:39 
GeneralCQRS on Aure gets an outing Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones22-Mar-16 10:21
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones22-Mar-16 10:21 
GeneralRe: CQRS on Aure gets an outing Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones27-Mar-16 12:42
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones27-Mar-16 12:42 
GeneralTime to fix - 47 minutes Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones29-Feb-16 9:58
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones29-Feb-16 9:58 
GeneralShould an aggregate own it's event stream..or...? Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones6-Dec-15 8:10
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones6-Dec-15 8:10 
GeneralRe: Should an aggregate own it's event stream..or...? Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones12-Dec-15 11:14
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones12-Dec-15 11:14 

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