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Newsletter - 08 Aug 2022

Weekly Newsletter (8 Aug 2022)
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Weekly Poll Results

Have you ever taught anyone to code?

Survey period: 1 Aug 2022 to 8 Aug 2022

"Teaching" can mean from start to finish, or simply just helping someone learning to code work through a coding issue (like helping with homework or being a support tutor)

I teach coding (or used to teach) as my job517.59
I occassionally teach how to code11016.37
I have taught (or helped teach) coding30645.54
I've tried teaching659.67
No, never14020.83

Q2. And how did it go?

Always excellent7310.86
Generally good28442.26
Mixed results18427.38
Generally not great537.89
Not good. Ever.7811.61

This week's survey: Do you feel you fully understand the vision and purpose of the software project you're working on?

Latest Additions

New articles added

Database Development

  (2 votes) by DiponRoy (updated 4 days ago)


  (8 votes) by Mark Pelf (updated yesterday)
Comparison of Git functionality of Visual Studio 2022 to some other Git Gui clients
  (4 votes) by Mark Pelf (updated 6 days ago)
We are giving an overview of 6 free Git Gui clients

Productivity Apps and Services

  (1 votes) by lvmcastro (updated 4 days ago)
A tutorial showing how to use a smartcard API, a SharePoint extension and web services, to add a qualified electronic signature (QES) to a PDF file located in a SharePoint online library.

Programming Languages

  (12 votes) by Paulo Zemek (updated 5 days ago)
Are you spending most of your time just writing code to "glue" your components together? Let's change that!
  (6 votes) by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲 (updated 4 days ago)
R# language is a kind of R liked language implements on .NET environment
  (2 votes) by Igor Krupitsky (updated 6 days ago)
Chat App with Web Sockets
  (1 votes) by sebjameswml (updated 5 days ago)
Walks you through the steps needed to draw high quality 2D graphs in your C++ programs using the header-only library morphologica
  (1 votes) by Han Bo Sun (updated 4 days ago)
YUI-Compressor maven plugin to minify JS files for Spring Boot based web app development
  (0 votes) by Aleksandr Ulanov (updated 14 hours ago)
In this article we'll go through the basics of Hotwire, as well as build a sample app using it.
  (6 votes) by Bridget Mwikali (updated 6 days ago)
This article provides an overview of LLVM and how it applies to oneAPI and its compiler.

Web Development

  (3 votes) by Fred Song (Melbourne) (updated 4 hours ago)
Use React and hardhat typescript to build a NFT contract web3 application from scratch

Articles updated

Database Development

  (1 votes) by Aleksandr Ulanov (updated 10 hours ago)
Learn how to use Redis and it's geospatial indexes and commands for complex geo calculations

General Programming

  (14 votes) by Patrice T (updated 21 hours ago)
Using a large list of primes with Trial Division algorithm and how to handle the list
  (11 votes) by Patrice T (updated 3 days ago)
How to use bitwise operations on Bitfields as primitive SIMD
  (3 votes) by ADMGNS (updated yesterday)
A new method for 2D polyline simplification and also smoothing that alternative to Douglas-Peucker and curvature-based simplification algorithms

Hosted Services

  (3 votes) by Bohdan Stupak (updated 4 days ago)
This article describes a super-minimalistic auth endpoint based on AWS Lambda.

New Tips and Tricks added


  (0 votes) by Vishwas_R (updated 5 days ago)
Tutorial on how to show interactive CanvasJS angular charts in ng-bootstrap navs / tabs

Game Development

  (2 votes) by Mirzakhmet Syzdykov (updated 4 days ago)
Engine for .NET cross-platform development

General Programming

  (0 votes) by Mirzakhmet Syzdykov (updated 2 days ago)
Develop programs with open storage using pre-defined format


  (1 votes) by Vishwas_R (updated 2 days ago)
Simple Audio Player to browse any song with Play / Pause, Stop options & a waveform generated using CanvasJS charts

Programming Languages

  (1 votes) by (updated 3 days ago)
This document and the demo are about an extended version of the Dynamic Tab article.
  (1 votes) by Aaron_Smith (updated 5 days ago)
Using the Microsoft Bing map API to add an overlay to a Microsoft Bing map

Tips and Tricks updated

Web Development

  (2 votes) by Tarek Najem (updated 2 days ago)
A new Blazor component to facilitate the use of the FontAwesome framework in Blazor

New Technical Blogs added

Web Development

  (0 votes) by Jason Sultana (updated yesterday)
G’day guys!. You’ve probably noticed that Dependency Injection (DI) has become the defacto norm these days, and arguably rightfully so, since it (if used properly) leads to a testable, changeable, de-coupled codebase. But perhaps one challenge (at least in the ASP.

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