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by mikkojay at 6-May-14 15:27   Score: 3.00 (2 votes).
at Article "article "Software Copy Protection for .Net Applications - a Tutorial""
by mikkojay at 26-Jan-11 19:24   Score: 1.00 (1 vote).
at Article "Article "The wrapping image game trick""
by mikkojay at 21-Dec-10 14:13  
at Article "Article "Use OpenGL in CSharp Application""
by mikkojay at 24-Oct-10 10:22  
at Article "Article "Simple MCI player""
by mikkojay at 22-Oct-10 21:07  
at Article "Article "Multimedia PeakMeter control""
by mikkojay at 22-Oct-10 20:31  
at Article "LED Style Volume Meter using DirectX"
by mikkojay at 15-Sep-10 10:40  
at Article "a little class to Read Ini File"
by mikkojay at 12-Sep-10 16:57  
at Article "Hex Editor in c#"
by mikkojay at 3-Sep-10 13:15   Score: 1.00 (1 vote).
at Article "Article "Building A TimeLine Control in C#""
by mikkojay at 27-Jul-10 10:13  
at Article "Article "Don’t rely on obfuscation""
by mikkojay at 30-Dec-09 8:44  
at Article "Article "gTrackBar - A Custom TrackBar UserControl (VB.NET)""
by mikkojay at 3-Nov-09 12:22  
at Article "Article "Using Assembler and SSE2/SSE3 instructions for drawing optimization""
by mikkojay at 15-Sep-09 11:06  
at Article "Add Custom Properties to a PropertyGrid"
by mikkojay at 24-Aug-09 11:39  
at Article "Article "PolyStar - WPF Polygons and Stars""
General Great! [^]
by mikkojay at 17-Jun-09 18:42  
at Article "Article "A C# tiny fireworks simulator""
by mikkojay at 23-Feb-09 14:38   Score: 3.00 (2 votes).
at Article "A Simple Speech Application Using SAPI 5.1 SDK"
by mikkojay at 1-Dec-08 14:14  
at Article "Article "Computational Geometry, C++ and Wykobi""
by mikkojay at 8-Mar-08 7:41  
at Article "Laser Gesture Recognition"