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    Face Detection with AI

    In this article, we go over the steps to detect faces in an image.
    Added 4 Aug 2020
  2. 1

    Preparing a Dataset for AI Face Recognition

    In this article, we’ll talk about preparing a dataset for feeding the correct data to a CNN.
    Added 4 Aug 2020
  3. 2

    Custom AI Face Recognition With Keras and CNN

    In this article we’ll put together our CNN and train it for face recognition.
    Added 5 Aug 2020
  4. 3

    AI Face Recognition with a Pre-Trained Model

    In this article we’ll adapt the VGG16 model.
    Added 6 Aug 2020
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    Deep Learning Text-to-Speech

    In this article we focus on the Text-to-Speech with the use of Deep Learning.
    Added 7 Aug 2020