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Posted 23 Jun 2021

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How to Create Speedometer Gauge and Thermometer as a Chart in MS Access

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26 Jun 2021CPOL2 min read
Display data in chart as Speedometer or Thermometer graphic
In this tip, you will see how you can display data in a chart as a Speedometer or Thermometer graphic.


It is a good idea if you can display your data using chart and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.


In some cases, you need to display a data in chart as Speedometer or Thermometer graphic, but limitation of MS Access and unavailability of these controls will need to create custom build chart, by doing this, it will add another WoW factor to your application that builds in Access using VBA.

Using the Code

'Thermometer' chart is very useful in terms of showing percentage of increment of the process from the target that it has been set. The chart provided with this article is even more beneficial because it shows two thermometers beside each other. This will help to display two numbers, data number for example if you have inventory and sales against your target as 100% per period of time.

And for test purposes only, there are two dropdown boxes you can select number and the Thermometer will move up or down. For using the chart in your application, you do not need this dropdown, you need to feed the data from data query that will be used for each thermometer.

Second chart in this article is 'Speed Meter' chart and is used to display value or percentage of score get it from data table representing the value of single record. For example, it could show percentage of salesperson, number of sales against the target and compare score with the average of the sales team.

Image 1Image 2

For test purposes, there is a dropdown box and you can select any number and the speedometer needle will move accordingly.

Note: There are other backgrounds to be used if needed, they are located in GaugeMeter_Background form. To change the background, it needs to replace Image41 on the form.

'Method:    UpdateSpeedometer
'Parameters :
'In :
'Out :
'Description :This method
'Created By and On :    TJ On 04-26-2021 15:12
Function UpdateSpeedometer(nNeedleCurrPosition As Integer)
    Dim nRatio As Double
    Dim nRadians As Double
    Dim nTop As Double
    Dim nLeft As Double
    Dim nHeight As Double
    Dim nWidth As Double

    Const PI As Double = 3.14159265358979
    Const nMax As Integer = 1440
    Const nRadius As Double = 1 * nMax
    Const nNeedleHorizontal As Double = 2 * nMax
    Const nNeedleVertical As Double = 2 * nMax
    Const nMaxNeedlePosition As Integer = 100
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    If nNeedleCurrPosition > nMaxNeedlePosition Then Exit Function
    nRatio = nNeedleCurrPosition / nMaxNeedlePosition
    nRadians = nRatio * 180 * PI / 180
    nTop = nNeedleVertical - (Sin(nRadians) * nRadius)
    nHeight = nNeedleVertical - nTop
    If nRatio < 0.5 Then
        Me.linNeedle.LineSlant = False
        nLeft = nNeedleHorizontal - (Cos(nRadians) * nRadius)
        nWidth = nNeedleHorizontal - nLeft
        Me.linNeedle.LineSlant = True
        nLeft = nNeedleHorizontal
        nWidth = -Cos(nRadians) * nRadius
    End If

    Me.linNeedle.Top = nTop
    Me.linNeedle.Left = nLeft - 100
    Me.linNeedle.Height = nHeight
    Me.linNeedle.Width = nWidth
    Me.lblScore.Caption = nNeedleCurrPosition
    Exit Function
    MsgBox "There was an error updating the Speedometer! "
    Exit Function
End Function 

Points of Interest

Knowing and using math functions is the key to utilize this knowledge to accomplish anything you want.


  • 24th June, 2021: Version 1.0.0


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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