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by André Marcos (Advisor), GracianoSouza
React Native, Node.js and PostreSQL, a PERN stack to develop an app to support the lost pets searching process
by Cindy Potvin
Add a close button to a React Native and close the modal by clicking beside it.
by Bohdan Stupak
Samples from the application that displays photos location on a map
by D_Gregorian
How to create a React-Native (iOS & Android) FileManager with Firebase Storage

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by Bohdan Stupak
Samples from the application that displays photos location on a map
by Alen Toma
Generate and execute external full js code in react-native and nodejs
by Alen Toma
This library is built so that you could secure JSON or string data in JS files. The library will shuffle the data in memory and make it unreadable for the naked eye.
by André Marcos (Advisor), GracianoSouza
React Native, Node.js and PostreSQL, a PERN stack to develop an app to support the lost pets searching process

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React Native 

19 May 2022 by André Marcos (Advisor), GracianoSouza
React Native, Node.js and PostreSQL, a PERN stack to develop an app to support the lost pets searching process
11 Sep 2021 by Cindy Potvin
Add a close button to a React Native and close the modal by clicking beside it.
2 Feb 2023 by Bohdan Stupak
Samples from the application that displays photos location on a map
9 Mar 2021 by Richard MacCutchan
See Xamarin.Essentials - Xamarin | Microsoft Docs[^], but you need to be a reasonably experienced programmer.
18 May 2021 by D_Gregorian
How to create a React-Native (iOS & Android) FileManager with Firebase Storage
5 Oct 2021 by André Marcos (Advisor), Renan Cardoso
Developing a solution to help user and personal trainer, to control and to track personal activities in a gym supported by a simple and integrated app with PHP ecosystem and React Native and Postgre database.
7 Oct 2021 by Richard MacCutchan
It has been done many times, for example[^]
17 Mar 2019 by Richard MacCutchan
See Create and manage virtual devices  |  Android Developers[^].
18 Jun 2019 by Member 14504362
//my fetchID is working fetchID = async () => {) fetchPhoto =() => { fetch('' +, { method: 'GET', headers: { "Accept": "application/json", 'Content-Type': 'application/json', } }) ...
13 Dec 2019 by Richard MacCutchan
Sorry, but this site does not provide code to order. And the expression "but it doesn’t work" tells us nothing that would lead us to suggested solutions.
13 Dec 2019 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
Quote: I’ve installed the npm install --save react-audio-player but it doesn’t work. It would not work on its own. You have to configure the project to run properly, and also make sure that you are using the valid file types. This package react-audio-player uses the native tag to...
6 Jan 2020 by Member 14708673
I have a finished project that I submitted yesterday to a client, and this morning he said that he'd like it if I implemented a few Unit Testing Frameworks into the project; Jest for Unit testing : integration of Jest [ Test Runner ] Enzyme [ Container UI Test ] Storybook [ Component UI Test ]...
6 Jan 2020 by Patrice T
Quote: I'm new to unit testing so I'm not quite sure how to use these Google is your friend : Unit testing - Wikipedia[^] Quote: and what to use these for It is used to check that your code gives expected results.
6 Jan 2020 by Dave Kreskowiak
If you didn't design your code with unit testing in mind, you've got a LOT of work to do to add that capability. You can't just a some uniting module and call it good. Your code has to be written to be testable, and that means writing your code against Interfaces. If you haven't done this, your...
2 Apr 2020 by mailcubano hide
Get global state variable using React.useContext What I have tried: I’m fallowing this approach to create Authentication flow: Everything works fine until I create another functional component in...
11 Apr 2020 by Aitzaz Ahsan
On the submit button, I am calling one API after successfully run I want to send data to another activity in the react-native. I tried following source code, I am a newbie in react-native. What I have tried: On submit I am calling this...
10 Aug 2020 by Shira fo
There is way to view the list of the "Zone_Name" into flatList that let me also press and choose results of the "Zone_Name" as many i want from the flatlist. this flatlist will be showen only when i press on the "TouchableOpacity" of the "area...
9 Oct 2020 by Richard MacCutchan
Quote: Any tips on how to find people? Do what everyone else does and pay for advertising.
22 Oct 2020 by Vicky Fadia
Dark theme is setted up correctly for React Native expo app and works correctly everywhere but when I switch it on the theme changes to dark everything works perfectly except the web view. How to make the webview part convert into dark theme on...
29 Oct 2020 by victor senanayaka
I'm trying to run my react native app Quote: This is the error I'm getting when i run"npm start" on cmd Error Expo Press ? to show a list of all available commands. SyntaxError: F:\PROJECT ONE\apptest-expo\src\components\PostList\index.js:...
29 Oct 2020 by Richard MacCutchan[^]
28 Jan 2021 by Member 15058718
I'm using 'Video' from 'expo-av' to display my videos. My goal is to display the video depending on the Orientation of the device of the user. I'm using 'ScreenOrientation' from 'expo-screen-orientation' so i can detect the rotation using the...
5 Feb 2021 by Member 15066029
Can anyone tell me how to solve these things? 1.if the list is pressed, I'd like to change the background color of the list beige(#FFF5E7) to white(#FBFBFB) 2.Also, I'd like to change the read value of the Object fales to true with useState ...
8 Feb 2021 by Member 15067760
const GooglePlacesInput = () => { const [city, setcity] = React.useState(''); useEffect(() => { console.log() }) const onRequestTagClick = async () => { const token = userSession.getAccessToken(); const requestData = { ...
11 Feb 2021 by Member 15069828
I am getting this TypeError while posting data to mongodb using nodejs and express , I don't understand why I am geeting this error..! please help..! exports.votes = async (req, res, next) => { try { /** * 1. get the poll from db ...
11 Feb 2021 by thatraja
Found these. Array.prototype.includes requires Node 6. Node.js: "Array.includes is not a function" error : learnjavascript[^] Below thread has solution for lower versions javascript - Array.prototype.includes on Node js versions
28 Feb 2021 by Member 15086569
I am developing an application integrating facebook sdk in react-native. One of my requirement is to track successful installs from facebook advertisements.For example, I setup an advertisement in which can users can click on Install Now button...
9 Mar 2021 by KEEPREADING
I am looking to build a Children’s educational app for alphabets, numbers, phrases, words etc. I want to use a cross platform framework that can create good 2D graphics and animated videos. Could you kindly suggest any cross platform frameworks I...
21 Mar 2021 by Member 15111703
export class Diet extends Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { data: [], fullData: [], loading: false, error: null, query: "", }; } async componentDidMount() { ...
29 Mar 2021 by patty2904
Does someone know how to make it so that whatever image is clicked on, the modal data will show the correct data? My idea was to assign a value to the image component but I can't find anything helpful online. Thank you so so much in advance! ...
22 Jul 2022 by ONKAR MEHRA
I have been trying to nest stack navigator inside bottom tab navigator and which has been nested into drawer navigator. In terms of nesting, bottom tab navigator is at the top, then bottom tab navigator and then at the end stack navigator. I have...
25 Apr 2021 by Muhmmad Nauman
I'm developing a food ordering app using react native and ASP .NET MVC Entity Framework. I've Search screen with date(field) and vendor list(dropdown) and when I click on search button it will navigate to Orders Screen with date and vendor Id as...
5 Jun 2021 by Member 15232748
Hi! I am fetching coordinates from my database every 5 seconds, and my marker is dynamic,This is my render method console.log('render'+this.state.driverLocation.latitude +' '+this.state.driverLocation.longitude); let marker = null; ...
3 Sep 2021 by Gbetnkom Jeff
If you are considering a Web application, you can look through Flask. It's a great way to combine front and back.
10 Sep 2021 by Eduardo Moraes Rigo
Hello, i'm coding an app and i'm having some issues adding an marker to the map, i'm using React and Mapbox to do it, here's the part of the code: import * as React from "react"; import { useRef, useEffect, useState, useContext } from...
29 Sep 2021 by nruizjr
Using react native, I wanted to pass cookBooks to another screen. I can confirm that cookBooks was updated inside useEffect. But when I pass it as a parameter to another screen, no data was passed. interface IBook { userId?:...
30 Oct 2021 by Member 15413342
paddingBottom is whats pushing your texts upwards. Change the value to maybe 10, and see if it helps
26 Nov 2021 by RajaAl12
I am able to pass screen1 flatlist data (props) to screen2, but what i want is the data to be inside screen2 TextInput. Screen1 export default class Data extends Component { constructor(){ super() this.state={ ...
8 Dec 2021 by harshitp tecogis
Problem: I wish to open pdf saved in internal storage of the phone but its giving me an error as Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection (id:0). Package used: react-native-openanything What I have tried: import React from 'react'; import { ...
29 Dec 2021 by IG Techso
Hi, when I try to click on the image then this error will show:- undefined is not an object (evaluating 'navigation.navigate') (Device) I want to that when I click on the image then details page is open Project URL:- ...
14 Jul 2022 by kkongkk
I want to put the 'home' function into 'Header', however I have no clue how to without breaking it. I am trying to welcome a user who logs in via Google their name and profile pic with a message... I am trying to get rid of the Home function,...
15 Feb 2022 by Andre Oosthuizen
Remove your Home constant completely, use the div inside your header as you are already making a call to "user" there, something like this (you need to play with it as I have no idea what end result you require) - function Header() { const...
26 Feb 2022 by Kiddo 2022
import React, { createContext, useContext, useEffect, useState } from 'react' import { Text } from 'react-native'; import * as Google from "expo-google-app-auth"; import { GoogleAuthProvider, onAuthStateChanged, signInWithCredential, ...
15 Apr 2022 by Zokulko
Hello, I'm new to REACT, I want to hide/display a row if I click on VisibilityIcon/VisibilityiconOff. The icon will be put for each row on the Show column in my table. Here what I have done but when I click on the icon Display VisibilityIcon...
26 Apr 2022 by OriginalGriff
No. If you want to ask a question here, ask the question here, niot "please go to SO and answer my question". I don't contribute to SO because I don't like the attitude there (and I'm not alone in that) so I for one am not interested to...
7 May 2022 by nabeel ahmad 2022
The restaurant data in this code is always null. However I have same code in previous screen working perfectly fine. I dont know why the state is not updating the . May be useeffect is causing problem const...
12 May 2022 by Ang QiShao Ben
I am working on a product that takes a file from API and read as a blob. But pressing the play button on the video does not work. I have tried using tried using querySelector or a useState variable. All not working. There are no errors as you can...
21 May 2022 by MohammedZr
Im Trying to use this package called Skeleton-PlaceHolder in my React Native App i followed installtion steps and i tried both two ways to use this Package but when i run my app i get this [ Render ] error Quote: Element type is invalid:...
30 May 2022 by pathum hewage
I want to call a react native app from react app. I don't have clear idea about it. Actually I want to run a react native code in react app. Can I know is the react native web view is support to this task.This the code what i want to run in react...
1 Jun 2022 by kelle1869
I have a countdown timer set at every second. Every time I would reset the counter and choose another period to countdown, the previous timer keeps counting and will have multiple timers in the background. I tried to reset the timer. How can I...
21 Jul 2022 by Myrmelo
I am trying to use this package : And I have the following code : import { useState, useRef } from "react"; import { RFPercentage } from "react-native-responsive-fontsize"; import...
22 Jul 2022 by Member 15714599
You have good approach but the problem is that we can not use these navigations from React but instead we can use Flux one.
5 Sep 2022 by Alen Toma
Generate and execute external full js code in react-native and nodejs
12 Sep 2022 by Alya Aljuraywi
but the list is empty i tried to replace the flatlist with { => { return ( name: {bb.ISBN} ); })} but i...
22 Sep 2022 by Senzaki
technologies used: React Native / Expo / Firebase I explain to you, I recover a list of key with my first onValue, in this one I forEach for each key and in this one I make another onValue in order this time to recover the information of the...
17 Oct 2022 by Rita P
Platform: React Native (IOS target) This is my code: const ProfilesScreen: React.FC = ({ navigation, route }) => { const [expoPushToken, setExpoPushToken] = useState(""); const [notification, setNotification] =...
29 Nov 2022 by MohammedZr
i'm trying to get this xml data from sql database using fetch and then parsing it using xml2js package to a list called meterData after that i want to insert the xml data to an react native element ListItem.Accordion so far this is my code, the...
29 Nov 2022 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
Two things in your exception: Quote: Unhandled promise rejection This can be resolved by wrapping your code with a try...catch block that will help you capture the exception and check the details. When working with exceptions, it is always...
1 Jan 2023 by Bharti Saiinii
> react-lap@0.1.0 start > react-scripts start npm ERR! code ENOENT npm ERR! syscall spawn pwsh.exe npm ERR! path C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\frontend\react\my-app npm ERR! errno -4058 npm ERR! enoent spawn pwsh.exe ENOENT npm ERR! enoent...
1 Jan 2023 by Richard MacCutchan
enoent spawn pwsh.exe ENOENT At a guess, npm is trying to run Powershell (the cross-platform version), but you do not have it installed. However, you need to check the complete log file as indicated in the error messages above.
3 Jan 2023 by Member 10802831
I have a requirement of reading Credit Card Details like Card Number, Card Holder Name, Expiry Date, Card Type and CVV(If Possible) in React Native. So if anyone has any solution for this that will be helpful What I have tried: I tried various...
3 Jan 2023 by Richard MacCutchan
Please read[^].
4 Feb 2023 by Darzee The Great
I am learning React Native, and currently at React Navigation. I've followed all the steps from the docs ([^]) but I keep getting this error: Invariant Violation: requireNativeComponent: "RNSScreenStackHeaderConfig "...
4 Feb 2023 by OriginalGriff
Start Here: ERROR Invariant Violation: requireNativeComponent: “RNSScreenStackHeaderConfig” was not found in the UIManager.[^] - apparently there is no "one solution fits all".
14 Feb 2023 by geomukkath
This might sound like a noob question but I need some help here: ``` export const loginUser = createAsyncThunk( 'users/login', async ({ email, password }, thunkAPI) => { try { const response = await fetch( ...
13 Mar 2023 by tan25
import React, { useState } from "react"; import { Link, useLocation } from "react-router-dom"; import { RiCloseCircleFill, RiNotificationLine } from "react-icons/ri"; import { RiHome2Fill, RiFile2Fill, RiHospitalFill, RiProfileFill, ...