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by Wonde Tadesse
This tip/trick helps to set a default value for blob data type such as Image, VarBinary.
by Jovan Popovic(MSFT)
Mapping properties in EF model to database columns that contain JSON
by Steve Krile
Fully AJAX-enabled user control used to select names from a database in a drop-down format.
by Mubin M. Shaikh
Create time dimension with 24 hour plus values and time buckets in your data warehouse

Latest Articles

by Andriy Protskiv
Workaround for performance issues with AT TIME ZONE
by Venkat Chaitanya Kanumukula
Tableau is one of the powerful reporting tool which is on the market for over a decade. Here's a quick tour in designing BI reports with Tableau using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3/ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.
by Bert O Neill
Features and functionalities associated with Autogenerate DB Unit Test app
by Sergei Y.Kitáev
Introduction to statically parameterized SQL language

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SQL Server 

2 Aug 2013 by rusanu
This article will help you write better database code and will help you get started when you have to investigate performance problems.
18 Dec 2016 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
Overview of SQL Server on Linux
10 Apr 2018 by Gaston Verelst
Why you would use Common Table Expressions
26 May 2013 by Tharaka MTR
This post will show you how to fix orphaned SQL users.
29 Dec 2016 by essentialSQL
Introduction to cross join - create row combinations
2 Jun 2020 by Kevin Mack
Few ideas for strengthening micro-services architectures
30 Apr 2012 by Martin Thwaites
If you have an issue with a slow part of a site after a large dataload, that you can't replicate after a DB restore, it's likely you could be dealing with a similar issue.
30 Dec 2017 by essentialSQL
How to join dirty data using SQL Server
22 Dec 2019 by Rion Williams
One thing that I've always loved hearing about from fellow engineers or reading about on technical blogs are bugs. Nasty ones. Ones that keep you up at night and those that will wake you from a dead sleep. These are the ones that great stories are built upon, because like.
28 Nov 2014 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
Uploading the files - HTML5 and jQuery way
14 Jul 2016 by essentialSQL
In this article, we explore non recursive CTEs (Common Table Expressions). This is a broad class, and basically covers every form of CTEs except those that call themselves. This other class is called the recursive CTEs; they are covered in the next article.
22 Apr 2018 by Rajat-Indiandotnet
Row Level security SQL Server 2016
14 Aug 2019 by essentialSQL
In this blog post, you will learn about stored procedures
4 Feb 2020 by OwenDavies
This post outlines how to use Docker image for local SQL Server development.
23 Jul 2012 by Rui Inacio
To bulk insert efficiently, the SqlBulkCopy class must be used.
21 Mar 2013 by Rui Inacio
Fixing the SSDT unresolved reference to object error
3 May 2013 by Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury/Galib
Solution to the MSSQL Server “Suspect”
27 May 2013 by Tharaka MTR
Generate insert statements from a specific table data using SQL Server
22 Oct 2014 by essentialSQL
Introduction to Outer Joins in SQL Server
22 Oct 2014 by essentialSQL
Introduction to Inner Joins in SQL Server
18 Mar 2016 by johnniealan
This article describes about adding progress bar in cell.
1 Mar 2017 by Neeraj Kaushik1980
Following are the step by step instructions to enable and use the change tracking feature in SQL Server.
22 Jan 2018 by Steve Naidamast
SQL Server's LocalDB database engine
1 Dec 2022 by
Deploy existing ASP.NET Core UI, API, and SQL Server to Docker containers
15 Mar 2010 by Mahmudul Haque Azad
A simple trick to add to custom node to the XML GhostDoc
11 Apr 2010 by Mohammad Elsheimy
Give the user the flexibility to design his sheet, report, bill, invoice, whatever.
29 Jul 2010 by User 6619207
About SQL Server Management Objects
18 Mar 2012 by Justin Cooney
How to search Stored Procedure create/modify date or text using TSQL
23 Oct 2012 by MBigglesworth79
SELECT @Variable vs SET @Variable in SQL-Server
17 Feb 2013 by Tharaka MTR
How to count consecutive dates using SQL
9 Jan 2014 by Nitesh Kejriwal
The WITH MOVE clause can be used to relocate one or more files
22 Sep 2014 by Bob McGowan
Utilizing SQL Server FILESTREAM capabilities from .NET
26 Apr 2015 by Anton Angelov
Tutorial how to create test cases statistics for the automation status and their distribution by priority. Steps how to setup SSRS and TFS Data Warehose.
17 Nov 2015 by Sibeesh Passion
How to load an XML file and show as li using ng-repeat in Angular JS
4 Jan 2016 by essentialSQL
Introduction to SQL Server's built-in logical functions
19 Oct 2016 by Manjuke Fernando
29 Dec 2016 by essentialSQL
Uncommon SQL server data types
2 Nov 2019 by Ghanshyam N Patel
How to shrink SQL Server database log file
28 Aug 2010 by Gediminas Geigalas
Learn how to serialize System.DateTime for use in SQL Server stored procedures
8 Sep 2010 by Raymund Macaalay
How to make the best use of the SQL Server Maintenance Plans
15 Jul 2011 by rusanu
A technique to make tables with columnstore indexes updateable
29 Jan 2012 by Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
Join Hint in SQL - Guest post by Joydeep Das
17 Dec 2012 by Nitesh Kejriwal
How to retrieve the size of data files of all databases present in SQL Server and the actual amount used in these files.
9 Jan 2013 by aasim abdullah
SQL Server: A Query Slow in SSMS, Fast in Application, WHY?
23 Oct 2014 by essentialSQL
Simplified Data Modeling in SQL
29 Oct 2014 by essentialSQL
Grouping results returned from your queries using the GROUP BY clause
10 Jan 2015 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
An overview for connecting an ASP.NET website or a web application to a remote SQL Server database
14 Dec 2015 by Sacha Barber
So last time we looked at how to use Slick to connect to a SQL server database. This time we look at how to use one of the 2 popular Scala testing frameworks.
16 Oct 2016 by Z Kavtaskin
How to create a Custom Key Store Provider for SQL Always Encrypted (Without Key Vault Example PoC)
30 Dec 2017 by essentialSQL
SQL set operations
30 Dec 2017 by essentialSQL
In this puzzle, we’re going to learn how to find the person whose birthday, among others, is in the middle.
26 Apr 2019 by essentialSQL
SQL Server Hierarchical Query using the hierarchyid type
7 Dec 2020 by Jin Vincent Necesario
This article shows you the basics of SQL Schema using the DDL statements.
2 Jul 2021 by Kevin Chadney
Creating a simple SSMS extension which accesses the query window and object browser.
23 Dec 2009 by Bryan Thomas Weikel
CodeProject"LEK" is a three-tier .NET WinForms accounting application that can be configured at run time to use either LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework or NHibernate to access data in either a "main" or "testing" SQL Server database.
23 Aug 2010 by atverma
This is the last article of the series “How to unit test SQL Server 2008 database using Visual Studio 2010”.
16 Nov 2010 by mazhou
Ad-hoc pagination support with SQL Server codenamed “Denali”
4 Jun 2011 by pinaldave
SQL Server – Puzzle – Statistics are not Updated but are Created Once
17 Aug 2011 by pinaldave
Tips from the SQL Joes 2 Pros Development Series – System and Time Data Types
31 Oct 2011 by rusanu
SQL Server table columns under the hood
1 Dec 2011 by MBigglesworth79
XML Serialization
26 Dec 2011 by pinaldave
SQL SERVER – Database Properties – Number of Users
11 Feb 2012 by Rob Kraft
Use a SQL script to generate well formatted stored procedures in SQL Server
17 Apr 2012 by My Tech World
It is recommended that stored procedures shouldn't be prefixed with sp_ for two simple reasons.
5 Jun 2012 by pinaldave
SQL Server - SmallDateTime and Precision - a continuous confusion
6 Jun 2012 by Martin Thwaites
Finding and removing indexes in SQL Server is an excellent way to remove bottlenecks, especially if you've "inherited" the application.
20 Aug 2012 by Andrei Ion Rînea
Some performance tips
17 Sep 2012 by aasim abdullah
Using logon trigger, users from valid IP addresses can be restricted, but what if you forgot to add in safe list. You will be unable to login though you have sysadmin rights. Use DAC to disable logon trigger.
21 Jan 2013 by MJ Ferdous
Data Import from Excel File and building an Automated Insert Script to Export into Excel File or to Export into SQL Server Table
7 Feb 2013 by Patrick Cunningham
This article uses 8 steps to create example of how to read and write from HTML to a SQL database in a .NET web application using jQuery, JSON, and XML.
13 Apr 2013 by Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury/Galib
3 May 2013 by Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury/Galib
TSQL Recursive Split function
5 Oct 2013 by Raymund Macaalay
How to transfer users from one SQL Server to another including SID's the easy way
14 Sep 2014 by derekman9707
Different types of database backups
2 Nov 2014 by Manas Bhardwaj
This post is intended to be used as a hack for developers to release some disk space. Please do not use on actual production environments.
16 Feb 2015 by Keyhole Software
XML Manipulation With XML Copy Editor
2 Jan 2016 by essentialSQL
Introduction to SQL Server's built-in conversion functions
3 Mar 2016 by Jameson Triplett
Log4j2.xml Tweaks
4 Nov 2016 by essentialSQL
Introduction to SQL Server Data Modification statements
30 Dec 2017 by essentialSQL
In this video, we'll walk you through how to use the LIKE clause.
22 Apr 2018 by Rajat-Indiandotnet
How to easily unpivot pivot data in SQL Server
8 Jan 2019 by Jeremy Hutchinson
Occasionally you need to update a table with a random value per row. And thanks to some optimizations SQL Server does, it’s not exactly straight forward.. If you just try to update with a random value like this, every row ends up with the same ‘random’ value.. update. MyTable. set.
13 Mar 2019 by essentialSQL
In this video we’ll walk you though the common data types used in SQL Server; you’ll see examples of each type’s values, and how to define them.
7 Jan 2020 by Rion Williams
As applications and their associated databases grow, things change. Rows get modified, schema get updated, and often, things can slow down.
29 Dec 2020 by essentialSQL
How to reconstruct full outer join in SQL using other join clauses
19 Nov 2009 by Kelum W. Ganegoda
This post demonstrates how to create an update progress with the UpdatePanel, similar to the one we can see in GMail.
23 Dec 2009 by puri keemti
SQL Server 2005
14 Apr 2010 by Nuno M. F. Gomes
I'm not an every day SQL Server user but I use SQL Server regularly since 7.0 version until the 2005 version (not yet tried 2008 in a serious way) and from time to time I still find some nice hidden gems.A few days ago I needed to created a cleanup script for an application and one of the t
13 Aug 2010 by Ivan Krivyakov
Attribute order should not matter in XAML, but sometimes it does...
22 Jul 2011 by rusanu
How to pass a NULL value in a message to a queue in SQL Server
15 May 2011 by David Truxall
How to fic this error, in Windows Phone 7.
15 May 2011 by David Truxall
Configuring CRM 4.0 for SSRS Without the Data Connector
24 May 2011 by Mel Padden
A script that analyzes the text of each individual object and builds a tree of what depends on what.
10 Jun 2011 by Andrew Zwicker
Why table and column documentation is useful and some SQL for setting up the data dictionary tables
13 Jun 2011 by Andrew Zwicker
A continuation of the data dictionary discussion with information about how the documentation is done
24 Jun 2011 by Andrew Zwicker
A discussion of how a separate database is used for storing table backups.
15 Jul 2011 by rusanu
Adding a new non-NULLable column with default values to an existing table in SQL Server 11
15 Jul 2011 by rusanu
A very simplified explanation of how column store indexes can be used
22 Jul 2011 by rusanu
How to Multicast messages with SQL Server Service Broker