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by The Ænema
This article will teach you how to create an amazing, clean and smooth WPF/Winform UI for your native application without using any complex, unsafe, ActiveXish methods, etc.
by Daniel Miller
This article describes the C# implementation for a high-performance user/role security principal hierarchy.
by Christian Vos
How to use Microsoft Unity Interception as a solution for cross cutting concerns in a .NET application
This article and the demo are about getting started using the MVVM Toolkit and some self-created interfaces / services for MessageBox and some dialogs.

Latest Articles

by Bogdan Marian
Ensure your Docker Compose services start in the correct order
by Bruno van Dooren
How to clean up user profiles on a computer
This article and the demo are about getting started using the MVVM Toolkit and some self-created interfaces / services for MessageBox and some dialogs.
by Illya Reznykov
Functions that manipulate CloudWatch log group by PowerShell Core

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12 Apr 2015 by Shining Dragon
A look into how we can achieve multi threading in our Powershell scripts
17 May 2016 by Ron Bos
I wrote this small PowerShell script to quickly access some AbstractSpoon ToDoList documents which are stored in VeraCrypt containers. The selected container stays mounted until the ToDoList executable is closed. I use OneDrive to automatically upload the then dismounted container to the cloud.
15 Jun 2022 by Tomasz Malicki
How to create a dynamic object in C # containing the results of a command executed in PowerShell.
16 Aug 2010 by shappell
A Script for determing the levenshtein distance between two strings in PowerShell
17 Aug 2011 by Milind R Chavan
Create MySQL Database backup using mysqldump
10 Jul 2014 by RoboJRR
How to use Powershell to query webservices.
22 Dec 2015 by 2irfanshaikh
Use SharePoint Commandlets in Windows PowerShell ISE
9 Jan 2017 by dandy72
Copy removable media more quickly by eliminating all the usual repetitive application interaction steps you normally have to go through.
22 Dec 2020 by Marijan Nikic
A simple solution using Powershell for preparing emails from Windows batch in Outlook; supports HTML body
20 Sep 2010 by Uros Calakovic
I encountered a problem while trying to use WPF UI Automation with PowerShell - PowerShell reported incorrect type for automation elements
2 Mar 2014 by Matthias Kainer
Registering your powershell modules on demand with PSReg
26 Nov 2014 by Zhuyun Dai
Describes how to resolve the 'Double-Hop' issue in PowerShell remoting and how to troubleshoot issues we may meet.
30 Nov 2015 by Sarkis Matossian
Encoding a .NET assembly as a hex string to install in SQL Server.
29 Jul 2015 by LalithGallage
This powershell script is you to monitor windows servers’ free hard disk and populate it to sharepoint custom list.
6 Dec 2015 by Krishna P Seetharaman
This tip explains about a way using PowerShell to monitor all the disabled send ports/receive locations and suspended messages and send an email about these info
19 Dec 2015 by dineshiam
This tip will give an overview to Sitecore developer about how to migrate data using Sitecore PowerShell scripts.
9 Feb 2016 by Jim Roth
Use PowerShell Post-build scripts to check in binaries to TFS for continuous integration during the build process.
17 May 2016 by MarkHawes
Ugh, WIFI not working or unstable? Try this tip....
4 Oct 2016 by Shawn K Lewis
Powershell script for Amazon Dash button Detection via DHCP Discover message
28 Jun 2018 by RamanaReddy V
Login to your VPN through CISCO with single mouse click jump to your VPN system below 30 seconds..!
21 May 2019 by Tom Ling
How to export VS code extensions to another computer using PowerShell
29 Jun 2020 by Member 14874449
Walk-through and source code for an Excel VBA development workflow
20 Jun 2021 by Aditya-Sharma0712
How to set classification label to an Excel/Word/PDF file at the time of its creation during runtime programmatically
22 Feb 2013 by Bharat Nimba Pawar
importing powershell modules and executes CmdLets in windows application using Automation library APIs
7 May 2014 by Member 4206974
A PowerShell 3.0 Form Generator.
11 Jul 2014 by MANPREET SINGH
How to read XML files and add them into SharePoint 2010 through Powershell
28 Jul 2014 by Muhammad Muddasar Yamin
The article is about launching elevated processes through command line
4 Dec 2016 by Muhammad Magdi
Step by step guide to add pre and post PowerShell scripts to TFS2012 build
16 Sep 2021 by Fringe Coder
How to uninstall multiple devices at once using PowerShell ISE
17 May 2011 by Omar Al Zabir
Files with different date time get different ETag generated by IIS. As a result, on a web server farm, each webserver sends different ETag for the same file as the files are copied to those servers at different date time. Here's a script that can set date time of same file across multiple servers to
27 Aug 2011 by theit8514
TaskList shows incorrect data - Use PowerShell instead
19 Sep 2011 by brunofer2007
Delete all alerts for a specific list or library on SharePoint.
6 Oct 2011 by Joe Leibowitz
Build a simple GUI in PowerShell that will display data queried from a SQL Server table.
7 Dec 2011 by Joe Leibowitz
Use PowerShell to Query and Display Data II (Active Directory\LDAP)
12 Mar 2012 by Vivek Krishnamurthy
Power shell script for upgrading Visual Studio 2008 solutions and projects into Visual Studio 2010.
1 Nov 2012 by Jaime Olivares
Configure an Azure solution to create users during deployment
30 Nov 2012 by TexaWeb
How to change the name of a SharePoint site in URL
15 Feb 2013 by Rumnha
PowerShell in general can be used for searching text in files. The same fearture helps to get required debugging info from log files on the production server,
7 Mar 2013 by madagaga
Code sample to monitor file size on server.
25 Aug 2013 by Ville Korppi
PowerShellScript to Unify AccessRights of Mailboxes
3 Sep 2013 by Praveen Chandran
Power shell command to hide a particular column in a sharepoint list from the newform and editform.
12 Mar 2014 by Ajith K Gatty
HTML to PDF Conversion using Sharepoint Management Shell 2010
25 Jun 2014 by george bolovan
Get quote using Yahoo finance
22 Aug 2014 by Abhi - Texas
PowerShell script which allows to get the sizing of any URLs for SharePoint 2010
30 Nov 2014 by Chiew Heng Wah
Script to remove deleted AD accounts from SharePoint groups
3 Jul 2020 by Deepthi Viswanathan Nair
This tip explains how to change the owner of the PowerApp in Office 365
12 Apr 2021 by wkiess01
A Powershell script to rename HD video camera files using their original creation date
10 Dec 2013 by ravi gunishetti
Adding Custom Context Menu to a Sharepoint List Using Features
3 Dec 2014 by Atul_Kapoor
Perform SQL Server Instance health check simultaneously on more than one server using Powershell
6 Sep 2015 by Pavel Durov
This tip shows one of the ways to send a request from your machine to server using Windows PowerShell.
5 Nov 2019 by Rahul R Shanbhag
This tip explains how we can make the Git pipeline fail when the Sonarqube quality gates analysis for the corresponding branch fails.
25 Jun 2016 by Caio Hamamura
Run unit tests as you modify your code
18 Nov 2019 by Karuna Kant Mishra
This tip explains how to execute single command in multiple parallel servers. We can use other tools to achieve the same.
14 May 2015 by NikiGrly
How to develop,deploy and debug a simple Timer job application
7 Dec 2015 by B@dC0d3r
Exchange 2010 user Maintenance
24 Dec 2012 by Shay Yannay
Create Azure cloud service application in OPC format
23 Aug 2013 by Venkat Krishna Turlapati
Powershell script to copy files greater than certain date
3 Oct 2013 by Chandra Hundigam Venkat
Very simple PowerShell cleanup script that will clean IIS 7 log files
6 Nov 2013 by Maximus5
Creating new release and uploading release files in one click
15 May 2020 by Oproot Research
Kicking off and monitoring long-running Azure logic app workflows with Powershell
2 Jun 2020 by .Net Core Developer
This post will help you to Create, View & Delete your own Event "Source" using PowerShell.
13 Feb 2016 by Marcus Müller
A PowerShell function for testing Internet connectivity using the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) mechanism
3 Jul 2019 by Prakash Singh
Resolution of Security rule has invalid Port range issue
3 Dec 2020 by Gaurang Majithiya
About "Execution of scripts is disabled on this system" error that people get when they run any PowerShell command for the first time
11 Sep 2018 by Sunil Kumar Pashikanti
Running scripts is disabled on this system
27 Feb 2015 by aljodav
An easy way to encrypt files that are automatically decrypted in the same user account
26 Feb 2015 by aljodav
Easily reading CodeProject RSS feed for new articles from a MFC Application
28 Feb 2015 by aljodav
A simple, short and easy way to display a JSON object in a browser (motivated by a forum question)