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Objective C 

25 Jun 2013 by Dennis E White
What really is the correct spelling for this conditional operator?
28 Aug 2013 by NSProgrammer
Anatomy of a Singleton.
30 Jun 2014 by PeteBarber
How to resolve strong references between Swift and Objective-C classes - using unowned and weak references from Swift to Objective-C classes
24 Nov 2009 by MobileAppMastery
How to extend objective-C classes with categories
26 Jan 2012 by XPG Live
Use leaderboards on iOS (iPhone/iPad) with XPG
19 Dec 2012 by Perjan
A quick tip that will show you how to show hide Navigation Bar when tap in iOS occurs
19 Dec 2012 by Perjan
How to pass values to UILabel objects in iOS 6 Storyboard
12 Feb 2013 by Chris Demiris
Instantiate Storyboard view controllers manually.
4 Mar 2013 by NSProgrammer
Let's jump into memory warnings!
4 Mar 2013 by NSProgrammer
Better reference counting.
3 Apr 2013 by ClayJones
UITextField has a property called inputAccessoryView that can be set to a UIToolbar to give the user something to do after inputting text.
8 Jun 2013 by NSProgrammer
About method swizzling
23 Nov 2013 by NSProgrammer
In this post, I'm going to take a very short amount of time making everyone's color coding lives easier with some UIColor code extensions.
25 Feb 2013 by Colin Eberhardt
Creating a LINQ-style API for Objective-C has proven to be relatively simple (and fun!). I have provided implementations for some of the most common and useful LINQ methods, however the .NET LINQ APIs for querying collections have a great many more methods than the ones I have covered.
7 Aug 2014 by Madhur Kapoor
Introduction to Swift
7 Dec 2009 by MobileAppMastery
This video will show you how to implement this in your own iPhone app.
19 Jul 2009 by User 1556233
codeproject Everyone knows SVN (Subversions) is the best version control tool on the planet. XCode, though, might not be as great as eclipse or Visual Studio, it offers one of the best integration with open platforms than both eclipse and Visual Studio.
14 Aug 2013 by NSProgrammer
How to update UITableView with a dynamic data source
20 Jul 2009 by User 1556233
Sending an email from your iPhone application is something which you normally want to do it asynchronously. But unfortunately, prior to iPhone 3.0, the only way to send email was using mailto:// url format. i.e, [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL: @"mailto:john.appleseed@appl
1 Sep 2009 by User 1556233
A user friendly dateformatter in objective C
2 Nov 2009 by MobileAppMastery
Here is how to use UIPasteBoard to implement custom copy and paste in your app