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by Tomaz Koritnik
TmStorage is a structureless virtual file system from which complex storages or databases can be built.
by Vikas Sharma
In this article, we will focus on aggregation pipeline. I'll try to cover each major section of it using simple examples. We will be writing mongo shell commands to perform aggregation.
by Nikola M. Živković
Introduction to NoSQL and Polyglot Persistence
by Espen Harlinn
Easy to use C++ wrapper classes for the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) C API

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by Gerard Castelló Viader
A news tracking or news aggregator website that allows users to share content they find on the Internet and give it certain visibility
by Daniele Fontani
That is the question. A comparison between these two technologies and some tips to choose the best that suits your needs.
by Michael Sydney Balloni
Learn about the inner workings of a dynamic database, and how SQLite is a great fit
by Espen Harlinn
A lightweight timeseries storage engine, capable of storing millions of timeseries values per second

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21 Nov 2014 by Tomaz Koritnik
TmStorage is a structureless virtual file system from which complex storages or databases can be built.
27 Oct 2016 by Vikas Sharma
In this article, we will focus on aggregation pipeline. I'll try to cover each major section of it using simple examples. We will be writing mongo shell commands to perform aggregation.
16 Oct 2017 by Nikola M. Živković
Introduction to NoSQL and Polyglot Persistence
30 Aug 2020 by Espen Harlinn
Easy to use C++ wrapper classes for the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) C API
16 Jan 2013 by Vyacheslav Voronenko
Three approaches to store tree like structures with NoSQL databases in MongoDB
29 Jan 2015 by Suffyan Asad
How to implement Joins in Hadoop Map-Reduce applications during Reduce and Map phases
3 Feb 2013 by Enrique Albert
Unit of Work and Repository RavenDB implementation example
19 Feb 2013 by Lazaro Lima
This paper attempts to pass all the steps to create an automated backup for a MongoDB Server on a Linux Server where all backups are sent to Amazon AWS S3 service scheduled through crontab.
7 Sep 2015 by Sander Rossel
The seventh in a series on MEAN web development.
22 Jul 2014 by Pradip Koli
Using NoSQL DBreeze database with ASP.NET on SQL Northwind Database.
14 Oct 2015 by Terence Wallace
Alternative VB.NET version of "LiteDB - A .NET NoSQL Document Store in a single data file"
9 Aug 2021 by Michael Sydney Balloni
Learn about the inner workings of a dynamic database, and how SQLite is a great fit
10 Dec 2013 by Bruce Yang CL
A way to query the data from Internet
4 Nov 2014 by binit.ku.singh
Connect MongoDB from any working directory on ubuntu
27 Oct 2015 by Alexander Imas
The subject of this article is database applications. These applications reflect objects from the real world in program objects in the application.
16 Aug 2017 by adriancs
An introduction of Unstructured Data or Document Database
12 Dec 2012 by Keyhole Software
Node Application Server with CouchDB
4 Feb 2014 by Swab.Jat
okay, you need to distinguish between 1. building a 1 petabytes data set Usually, you don't build a single 1 petabytes database by importing a 1 PB file, usually a PB database get built up over time, one small piece a time2. running an analysis of 1 petabytes data set Hadoop HDFS...
16 Mar 2018 by Yaseer Mumtaz
After setting up the basic development environment, let's create the master/layout and home page
1 Sep 2020 by Espen Harlinn
An Implementation of a Database layer using my C++ wrapper classes for the ESE C API
6 May 2010 by rudigrobler
Building OpenPOS: Part 7 – NoSQL, MSSQL, SQL CE?
31 Oct 2011 by Ashish Kaila
How to set up MongoDB on OSX
28 Nov 2012 by Keyhole Software
A mobile application served from CouchDB.
12 Jun 2013 by CHill60
Google is a marvellous invention ... if you had tried querying nosql database download you would have found the download page on the Oracle NoSql site[^]
31 Jul 2013 by CyrusT
suppose that a user wants to run a job on a hadoop cluster,with a primary data of size 10 and when the client node,breaks this data into blocks?I mean,since the client has limited resources,the user can't upload such a big file directly on it.he should copy it part by part and...
20 Aug 2013 by riverblues
We currently use SQL for out-of-proc storage of ASP.Net sessions. We are looking to move to AppFabric. I was also reading about NoSql (Redis/CloudBase). From what I researched, both are good alternatives to SQL though NoSQL does not match up to the memory management of SQL. I am looking if...
20 Aug 2013 by Mehdi Gholam
You are definitely better off using a Key/Value store for your sessions instead of SQL-Server.There are a multitude of different KV stores out there both on-site and hosted.
22 Sep 2013 by Karl Stoney
A nodejs agent to connect to Redis-Sentinel and update TwemProxy on master node changes
26 Oct 2013 by ExpertITM
Hello Frnds,I am developing a windows form application and now I want to save some data in clients system for that application just like store in, whats is best and efficient method or Technic to store application data for window application. In my application there is only...
26 Oct 2013 by Zoltán Zörgő
We can hardy answer your question in a manner that will really help you, since you provided far too few information about your needs.The answer depend on:- CRUD balances (which is more intensive of the four operations)- the kind (text, numeric, blob) and structure (more like DOM or more...
26 Oct 2013 by S. M. Ahasan Habib
From windows application if you want store your data in client side i think one of the 3 solutions you can choose.1. Client side you can store your data to an xml file.2. You can set up sql database like sql express to the client and store data there.3. You can store data as csv format...
12 Nov 2013 by Member 10396416
We are developing a web based solution.The server side will have 3 million to 15 million user records.Each user record has a binary code (master code) which will be stored as part of the user record in the database.There will be multiple client machines 10 to 50+ sending requests to the...
12 Nov 2013 by Arnaldo P. Castaño
My personal recommendation is that you use ASP. NET MVC 3 or 4 as web framework (this means C# as programming language), SQLServer 2008 or 2012 as Database System and probably Twitter BootStrap, Telerik and some others mini-frameworks for UI work. MVC is a design pattern, very suitable for...
13 Nov 2013 by Mayank Engineer
Hi all,I find for commercial support for couchdb because i don't know how to deploy database(Couchdb) on server with web application (ASP.NET) i use .If you know how to deploy database in server so tell me
19 Nov 2013 by Mayank Engineer
CouchDb can't provide any commercial support Other NOSQL database provide commercial support and online help provide like Couchbase server ,cassandra , mongodb etc..but couchdb not provide any online help
26 Dec 2013 by shailesh91082
May be this link could help you[^]
19 Mar 2014 by Member 10683893
HiI'm amateur with mongodb and C# driver.I try to Insert a document with array of sub-documents by codes are these:This is my classes:public class Entity { public string name { get; set; } public string family { get; set; } ...
8 Jun 2014 by AbidHussain128
Hi,Can any one let me know the MongoDB data storage provider at cloud Front?I want my website Performance very good.I just require any online tool from Amazon.(I request 1000's of request in one second to give me 100's of records)Some details:-My Website hosted at Amazon EC2....
8 Jun 2014 by Prasad Khandekar
Hello Abid,MongoDB runs well on Amazon EC2. You can Manually Install[^] the MonGoDB or use a pre-configured AMI[^] from the AWS Marketplace.Regards,
9 Jun 2014 by Suvabrata Roy
Hi,How to install Mongo DB on Amazon EC2:[^]Mongo DB drivers :[^]Mongo DB use case :...
3 Sep 2014 by canam2
In researching technologies for development of a single-page web application (SPA) for mobile deployment, I am trying to determine a good backend web application framework to use.I like the idea of using a NoSQL DB with a clean REST/JSON API and plan to use an client-side MVC framework like...
12 Apr 2015 by ColdskyXia
How to add new documents to a collection more efficiently
12 Apr 2015 by ColdskyXia
How to remove documents from a collection more efficiently
22 Apr 2015 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
One way of working with JSON in .NET would be using Data Contract: deseralize a json string array[^].If this is not JSON created in .NET using Data Contract, it still could be possible to create a contract matching the data structure. In all cases, you will need a comprehensive description...
19 May 2015 by Rami Sayar
In this installment, I will show you how to use your existing express-based Node.js app to create a chatroom backend with WebSocket support.
11 May 2015 by bilal78699
Hello All,I have a scenario where i have to store timesheets of different projects. The object graph is like this:Timesheet->Project->UserA user can create multiple projects. And a project can have multiple timesheets. So in my scenario it is expected that timesheet data will grow...
15 Jun 2015 by Member 11768790
i am new to mongodb and want to work on a project,but i cant find any good source for projects so please answer some good links..
15 Jun 2015 by Krunal Rohit
Hey,This isn't how it works. We're not here to google for you. You can google this simple thing by yourself.After getting the proper project, if you stuck somewhere then let us know, we'd help you but not this way.Hope I'm clear to you.-KR
29 Sep 2015 by Ivan.0
In my mongoDB dbs there is a collection A1 that has an array of embedded objects B. I want to group all elements in A1 by the sum of a certain field of B in the array field of A1,namely X. Meanwhile the value of X field need to be an element in another collection A2. That's to say I need to sum...
18 Oct 2015 by Arjunitedred
Hello everyone,How do I send data from a PLC (Bosch Indraworks) to MongoDB and what function blocks would be required for the same? I looked up on RIL_SocketComm.library and none of them are compatible for MongoDB. It would really mean a lot if anyone could help me with this.Thanks.
14 Dec 2015 by log98
According to the picture: 1. Why is Mongodb,...(CP) 2. Why is CouchDB,..(AP) 3. Why is Rdbms (CA)Note: Why Rdbms system partition tolerance does not matter? picture thanks
28 Dec 2015 by vamsi.welcome
I'm looking for an open source software tool for generating data dictionary for Cassandra database. So far in my search I found 'Data Dictionary Tool' (which is open source but not sure if it supports 'NoSql' databases.Data Dictionary Creator - Home[^]Need your inputs on this.
28 Dec 2015 by Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter
That page definitely states that the tool is for SQL Server - that is Microsoft...
28 Dec 2015 by Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter
I do not know about open-source, but as much as I understand KDM[^] is at least free...(Why open-source by the way?)
9 Jun 2016 by Mihail Mateev
Cloudant is a NoSQL database as a service (DBaaS) built from the ground up to scale globally, running non-stop, and handling a wide variety of data types.
28 Jul 2016 by Mihail Mateev
Cloudant distributed database as aservice (DBaaS) is engineered in a way to help you solve issues with indexingand searching by integrating the Apache Lucene search library.
21 Nov 2019 by Jeremy Likness
A look at the latest Azure SDKs for .NET with a sample .NET Core app that uses the Cosmos DB SDK and LINQ to iterate over documents with a dynamic schema.
5 Mar 2020 by Member 14637786
Hello, I have quite unique situation to handle (I guess). So the scenario is that I have a CosmosDb and a model of data looking like this: { "deviceId": "exampleId", "properties": [ { "name": "temperature", "value": 20 }, {...
9 May 2020 by Prakash Yogi
I am creating an application like facebook which would have features like posting, chatting,adding stories etc. I am using Django for it. I am confused over choice of databases(sql or nosql) and over ther database models. I am Django's default...
9 May 2020 by RickZeeland
It depends, if you want to make a real-time chat application usually there is no database at all. Read more about it here: simple-chat-app-using-django-channel-ed5032b79b9c[^] If you want to use a database, PostgreSQL is a good choice, see: ...
8 Jun 2020 by Prakash Yogi
I am developing a quiz making website in Django where users can generate quiz with n numbers of questions where questions can be of different type(MCQ,text etc.). How can I create a model for it so that users can generate questions (of any amount...