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Hi, I am getting the below error ,

Error 45 Failed to add resource(s). Change requests failed for some resources. BizTalkAssemblyResourceManager failed to complete end type change request. Failed to update binding information. The following items could not be matched up to hosts due to name and/or trust level mismatches:
Item: ProcessName' Host: 'BizTalkServerApplication' Trust level: 'Untrusted'
You must do one of the following:
1) Create hosts with these names and trust levels and try again
2) Re-export the MSI without the binding files and have a post import script apply a suitable binding file. 0 0
Updated 11-May-17 20:56pm

Solution ,

I tried in different way and finally Changed the assembly Version,

go to project -- > Right click -- > Properties --> Applications---> Assembly information -- > Change the Assembly version and File Version.
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I believe this error is coming while you are trying to import the port binding in BizTalk.

There can be following two reasons for this type of failure:
1) The host name in binding file does not match any of the hosts in BizTalk Server. Hence the binding is unable to attach a host to your artefact and it failed.
2) The trust level of the host in binding file does not match the host's in BizTalk Server.

Most of the time its pt no. 1 as there are multiple environments with different host names. So, there are chances of host name mismatch when we import a different environment's config by accident.

To manage deployments, I suggest using BTDF[^] it handles deployments and is pretty awsome to use !!!
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