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Hi ,
I am developing a Windows Mobile app that has a page where user sends some Data to server. The thing is.. ! Application Works Perfectly Fine in Enumerator and also when i m debugging it in my mobile using Visual Studio using a Cable wire Connected.. but when i use the app in phone without any wire or something else app is crashing at a specific Navigating Button .. if i debugg with a wire checking with VS it works fine !!! my colleague says i haven't seen suck king of thing so far and this is not a memory allocation issue because the app is not closing after the Page load ..
how can i solve this .. Any Kinda Suggestions Appreciated
Updated 19-Mar-15 1:25am
Joan Magnet 19-Mar-15 7:09am    
Show the piece of code that throws the error.
Aditya_Goud 19-Mar-15 8:42am    
there is no code that throws error.. everything works fine in emulator and when debugged on mobile with a cable wire .. !
it sucks only when the installed app is used on mobile ..
Aditya_Goud 30-Mar-15 2:16am    
public void lpChannels_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e)

Recipients selectedItem = (sender as ListPicker).SelectedItem as Recipients;

strSelectedRecipientId = string.Empty;
strSelectedRecipientId = selectedItem.RecipientID;

// check recipient id , if id is -1 disable sub channels list
if (strSelectedRecipientId != "-1")
lpSubChannels.IsEnabled = true;
else if (strSelectedRecipientId == "-1")
lpSubChannels.IsEnabled = false;

tbProgressText.Text = "Please wait..., getting information";

catch (Exception)

Aditya_Goud 30-Mar-15 2:17am    
the app crashes at
strSelectedRecipientId = selectedItem.RecipientID;
Joan Magnet 19-Mar-15 10:06am    
Maybe you should use another Dispatcher.

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