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char* MDString (char* string)
    MD5_CTX context;
    unsigned char digest[16];
    char output1[32];
    static char output[33] = {""};
    unsigned int len = strlen(string);
    int i;

    MD5Update(&context, (unsigned char*)string, len);
    MD5Final(digest, &context);
    for (i = 0; i < 16; i++)
        sprintf(&(output1[2*i]),"%02x",(unsigned char)digest[i]);
        sprintf(&(output1[2*i+1]),"%02x",(unsigned char)(digest[i]<<4));

        output[i] = output1[i];

    return output;
Updated 9-Oct-14 17:36pm
bryce 9-Oct-14 21:23pm    
erm - what seems to be your issue? other than "it has an error"
DingguoHong 10-Oct-14 0:31am    
Stack around the variable 'output1' was corrupted.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Oct-14 1:50am    
"Stack around the variable" is not anything reasonable. I don't understand what could it possibly mean. A variable is somewhere in the middle of a stack frame. Stack is always get corrupted around the frame boundaries...
DingguoHong 10-Oct-14 0:37am    
sorry ,my english is not good ...=.=
George Jonsson 9-Oct-14 22:39pm    
Where does the error occur?

1 solution

Your code contains a buffer overflow for output1 in the loop. With the last loop execution i is 15 and the index into the buffer is i*2+1 = 31. sprintf will print two chars and a terminating NULL to the buffer at this position (writing to output1[31] to output1[33]). So the size of output1 must be 34.
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nv3 10-Oct-14 3:47am    
My 5.
[no name] 10-Oct-14 4:06am    
Well done. I missed the format specifier - actually the sprintf.

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