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Hi all,

I am using Google Chart in a web Application. I want to export Google Chart in Excel. Google Chart Provides Image Data as …” ). It is easily rendered in HTML and PDF(using JsPDF ) but not working in excel export using html. Please Assist me.

1 solution

I have resolved it. For Image URI Data base64, saved in a file and then called the file as usual to export in excel.

To Save File:

public string CreateImage(string data)
string fname = Server.MapPath("data-image") + "//chart.png";
var base64Data = Regex.Match(data, @"data:image/(?<type>.+?),(?<data>.+)").Groups["data"].Value;
var binData = Convert.FromBase64String(base64Data);
using (var stream = new MemoryStream(binData))
System.Drawing.Bitmap img = new Bitmap(stream);
img.Save(fname, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png);
return fname;

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