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here my code

and how to get column names insted of indexvalues

public static void savefile_XML(string EmpId, string FirstName, string LastName, string MiddleName, string Gender, string DateOfBirth, string MobileNo, string EmailId, string Adress, string District, string State, string Country, string zip)

                string[] arr1 = new string[] { EmpId, FirstName, LastName, MiddleName, Gender, DateOfBirth, MobileNo, EmailId, Adress, District, State, Country, zip };
                XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();
                XmlElement element = xmlDoc.CreateElement("data");

                for (int i = 0; i < arr1.Length; i++)
                    XmlElement element1 = xmlDoc.CreateElement((i).ToString()); ;
                    element1.InnerText = arr1[i];

                xmlDoc.Save(@" F:\srikanth\jqgrid\test.xml");

        catch (Exception ex)
            Elmah.ErrorLog.GetDefault(HttpContext.Current).Log(new Elmah.Error(ex, HttpContext.Current));

here iam getting like this

iwant numbers insted of column names can u tell the code .....and how to save that file into our current project ...and how to download saved file ..plz help ...i dont no xml..iam new to the xml........
Updated 19-Jun-14 0:20am
Kareem Abou Saad 18-Jun-14 4:44am    
Probably because you are using xmlDoc.CreateElement((i).ToString()) ...
srikanth492 18-Jun-14 7:02am    
thanks for replay..
srikanth492 18-Jun-14 4:51am    
hi how to get column names insted of numbers can u tell me iam using xml and webmethod c#
srikanth492 18-Jun-14 6:41am    
i save xml file into my project like this...Guid g;
g= Guid.NewGuid();
//g = GuidNewGuid();

var Mappingpath = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(@".\");
xmlDoc.Save(Mappingpath +EmpId + g +".xml"); and how to download when click download button................
srikanth492 23-Jun-14 14:39pm    
how to download when click the download button i can get entire row in pdf format downloaded in web browser i know code .see below
string filePath = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["myFilePath"].ToString();
Guid g;
g = Guid.NewGuid();
string strFilename = EmpId + g + ".xml";
string Mappingpath = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(filePath + strFilename);
return filePath + strFilename;
in this code one problem is there ...iam using static webpage when click the download it will just show values we only manuvally save(ctrl+s) can over come iam using jquery and json............this is my ajax code .....$.ajax({
type: "POST",
url: "EmployeeDetails.aspx/savefile_XML",
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
dataType: "json",
data: "{'getdata':" + JSON.stringify(getdata) + "}",
success: function (msg) {, "Employyees");
var link = document.createElement("EmployeeDetails");
var fileName = data.substring(data.lastIndexOf('/') + 1); = fileName;
link.href = data;;

Instead of using


Where tagName could be for example FirstName or LastName, so it ends up in the XML tag as

To do this in the simplest way, create an array of fields holding literal strings like this:
string[] fields = {"FirstName", "LastName", "Id"}; //etc..

Replace the

This should solve your problem.
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srikanth492 18-Jun-14 6:59am    
i got like this <tagname>2017
srikanth492 18-Jun-14 7:10am    
srikanth492 18-Jun-14 7:00am    
i write code like this ..XmlElement element1 = xmlDoc.CreateElement(("tagName"));
element1.InnerText = fields[i];
solved my self using this code ....iam geting column name with help of this code.....

string EmpId = string.Empty;
var objects = JArray.Parse(getdata);
XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();
XmlElement element = xmlDoc.CreateElement("details");

foreach (JObject root in objects)
foreach (KeyValuePair<string,> app in root)
var appName = app.Key;//in this app.key getting column name
EmpId = (String)app.Value;// we can get empid
XmlElement element1 = xmlDoc.CreateElement(appName);
element1.InnerText = (String)app.Value;
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srikanth492 23-Jun-14 14:43pm    
can i know the the reason downvoted? this code works perfectly

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