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I dont fully understand bitmasking operations and tried to Google but did not understand any of the information I found so please provide an example with full description on how to do bitmask operations with Delphi like: set, get, clear and toggle.

Please use 3 check boxes like file attributes: System, Readonly and hidden

Updated 22-May-14 9:30am

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You really need to study thoroughly bitwise operations. Every software developer should know them very well. A starting point could be the related page at Wikipedia[^].
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Izis 22-May-14 16:13pm    
Yes but I dont know how to apply these information using Delphi this is why I need just an example.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-May-14 21:59pm    
Too bad. It means that you cannot study as a human, your you just driven by behavior patterns, such as to mimic behavior of others, hence "just an example". But you are not going to receive ready-to-use examples, all your life; there is something you need to do by yourself. No, I hope this is not true. Sometimes, you just need to tell yourself: I am a human. Nobody will teach you if you are not paying some effort.
Izis 23-May-14 2:57am    
What is really bad to take an advise from a MONKEY like you.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-May-14 10:07am    
Not to worry: you are not taking the advice, apparently. Just remember: everyone can read your comment and see who you are. :-)
Izis 23-May-14 10:17am    
Oh everyone can see this ? and your replay too ? you must be kidding.....LOL

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