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Hey guys,

How can I make ajax work with pagination? I dont have any codes right now but my problem is that the OFFSET value for my other pagination uses:

to identify how much data to OFFSET. But since ajax wont change the url of the page, it means I cannot use the uri->segment value anymore. Anyone know how to approach this?

karthik Udhayakumar 19-May-14 19:40pm    
You have complete confusion in the way of asking a question..pls use the improve quesion widget:)for better help
KatsuneShinsengumi 21-May-14 3:14am    
Nope I'm not confused in my question also I found a work around without using $this->uri->segment(3)'s value as an offset.

1 solution

I was able to make a work around:

(ThePageNo. -1)* the per_page value,.

Let's say I have 5 items per page
This way If I go to the third page,it means:
(3 -1)* 5 = 10.

So the offset will be 10, which will skip the first 10 rows in my table and then call the 11th to 15th data.
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