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Hey guys, I have this weird problem, and firebug is not showing any error that make things harder to track, whenever I insert new data, it submits twice.

Here's my ajax:
        if($('#titleID').val().length <=0 || $('#genreIDID').val().length<=0){
                 return false;    
              type: 'POST',
              data:{title : $('#titleID').val(),genreid : $('#genreIDID').val()},
              success: function(){
           return false;

Here's my php code:
<?php $genreList = array('1'=>'Comedy','2'=>'Action','3'=>'Sci-fi');
      echo form_open('mainController/insertForm','id="JSInsertEvent"');
      echo '<table><tr><td>';
      echo form_label('Title').'</td><td>';
      echo form_input('title','','id="titleID"').'</td></tr><tr><td>';
      echo form_label('Genre').'</td><td>';
      echo form_dropdown('genreid',$genreList,'','id="genreIDID"').'</td></tr><tr><td>'; 
      echo form_submit('Submit','Submit Button','id="submit"').'</td><td>';
      echo '<span id="InsertSuccessPrompt" style="display:none">Inserted</span>';
      echo '<span id="InsertEmptyPrompt" style="display:none">Please fill up the title box</span>';
      echo form_close().'</td></tr>';

Maybe someone here already faced this problem before, Thanks,

The problem is that your submit button sends the form to the server after onclick handled.
You should add event.preventDefault(); to your code to stop that behavior...
And as you already use jQuery, you may learn about submit() -[^]
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KatsuneShinsengumi 14-May-14 14:09pm    
I already tried the submit() instead of click(), it didint work on mine. Are you sure about the event.preventDefault()? I mean, isnt the reason of return false is to do that? thanks
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 14-May-14 16:04pm    
Return false at the end of the function does not do that.
You can stop propagation of events with return false only if it's inline, like:
<input type="submit" önclick="doThis(); return false;" />
KatsuneShinsengumi 15-May-14 0:56am    
Oh I see, now I'm using the preventDefault(); it's still doing the same, I also tried to use ('#myForm').on('submit',function());,.. it end up not working at all.
Hey guys I got it now!

I declare my script on the footer and on the insert php file. So the #submit was called twice. So the insert happened twice,.

Thanks for the help.
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