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I need to Read some information from a Rockwell ( Allen Bradley) PLC to the SQL Server Database and perform some reporting functions.

Could someone help me in Reading the Data from the PLC

PLC: Control/ Compact Logix
Communication: TCP/IP
OS: Windows XP SP3
Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate
SQL Server 2008

Thanks in Advance,
Updated 5-Oct-18 13:04pm
Richard C Bishop 17-Apr-14 15:01pm    
Do you have documentation for the device?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Apr-14 16:50pm    
And what's the problem with that? You need to explain some particular goals, otherwise this post is totally useless. How would you need to use this PLC, through network of locally, data acquisition, control of some hardware or both? And so on... Database is some #100 in the architecture....

Use OPCDA / OPCUA Server Write yourself a service to Read the data you want when you need it.

There are also DataLoggers available - but depending on your need you can write your own server to read and write values..
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Start with AdvancedHMI. It will let you get the data from the PLC very easily. Then you can write some VB code to store it in a database.
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Please see my comment to the question: your needs are formulated too vaguely; there is nothing much to discuss here.

Perhaps, first thing to learn is: stop mixing all things together. You need some separate layers or maybe also some different tiers (don't mix them up):[^],[^] (this is where your database could be),[^].

Your database should be in a data access layer, which may or may not be implemented on a separate tier. Likewise, you will need a separate layer for data acquisition, or hardware control, or whatever your hardware does.

In your case, judging by your question, it looks like you really need at least person capable of analysis of the problems and requirements and defining of the architecture. Or you should learn a lot and become such a person. :-)

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