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I was following a django tutorial online (Mike Hibbert's) and at tutuorial 4 he completed the basic articles app and at one point he goes to the url with the extension '/articles/all', all of his objects show up, wheres as when i try it, only the first one appears... its works perfectly when i try to get each object individually with the extension /article/get/<1, 2, 3>...

<h1> Articles </h1>
{% for article in articles %}
<h2><a href="/article.get/{{ }}/">{{ article.title }}</a></h2>
{% endfor %}


<h1> {{ article.title }} </h1>
<p> {{article.body}} </p>

def articles(request):
    return render_to_response('articles.html',
                              {'articles' : Article.objects.all() })
def article(request, article_id=1):
    return render_to_response('article.html',
                              {'article' : Article.objects.get(id=article_id) }) 

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^all/$', 'article.views.article'),
    url(r'^get/(?P<article_id>\d+)/$', 'article.views.article'),
Updated 3-Mar-14 2:30am
nv3 2-Mar-14 8:11am    
Is that a typo in your second line:
return render_to_response('articles.html',
I would have expected 'article.html'. If not, then show us file articles.html, please.
Vidhu Shah 3-Mar-14 8:30am    
I added article.html
Vidhu Shah 3-Mar-14 8:32am    
I have two html templates
nv3 3-Mar-14 17:27pm    
Looks to me as if the problem is in the all() function of your model, which appear to deliver just a single object, instead of the whole list.
Vidhu Shah 3-Mar-14 20:49pm    
when i go to the shell using and type the all() function, i get all 4 objects...

1 solution

Ask the owner ((Mike Hibbert).
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