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I am student on high school (not University) and technically i dont study programming but i can do my project on programming too. My teachers suggested me to make some useless sorting algorithms programs but that not really something i would like to do. I would like to create some programe that can use GPU (with CUDA or OpenCL) for calculations. My only problem is that i have no idea what kind of calculation i could use for it because it should be something that will make full ues of GPU. I know that CUDA or OpenCL are no easy but there are many tutorials so i am not afraid that i would not be able to do it.
This is not University and i am just 17 years old so it does not have to be something very complicated nor fancy. Basicly i need some good idea that looks interesting and can be done in few days/weeks.

Thanks for any advices :)

I think to be honest that your teachers are right: as you say CUDA / OpenCL are not easy, and despite tutorials being available, I don't think you will be able to do anything that you would find interesting and that would be acceptable to your teachers in the time you have left to do it. Particularly if you are (as you say) not studying programming - these are serious tasks even for experienced coders, and definitely not something I would set a beginner with a short timescale to!

By all means experiment, and learn, and play with CUDA or OpenCL for your own interest, but I would suggest you chose something a little simpler for a project that may well affect your grades, and thus your whole future!
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Member 10501094 3-Jan-14 6:26am    
I know that it is not easy but still i dont want to create some complicated program, i just want very simple implementation of GPU like for example on one calculation only so nothing that complex. I have actually around 10 months to finish my project so i have plenty of time
OriginalGriff 3-Jan-14 6:56am    
"Basicly i need some good idea that looks interesting and can be done in few days/weeks."

Make your mind up!
Member 10501094 3-Jan-14 6:58am    
I have plenty of time but as i said i want something simple that will not take me a year or so. Thats why i wrote within few days or weeks cause i want something easy
You might write a useful parallelized sorting algorithm.
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