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I have to do this in Microsoft Excel.

My existing knowledge of Excel is very low.

I want to make some cells in some rows cover more than one column, in anticipation of other rows beneath and above them.

The content of these cells will probably be one word, but the contents of the cells under them can contain a lot of words.

Generally, 5 columns will probably be enough. I'm guessing 3-to-10 will be the normal variance

What's the magic ?
CHill60 18-Nov-13 10:50am    
There is no magic but you haven't really explained what you are trying to achieve ... any way you could show an example in text format (use the Improve question link).
This link might help too[^]
TnTinMn 18-Nov-13 10:53am    
I am not sure that I understand your issue. If the cells to the right of cell are empty, then the text will automatically overflow.
You could also merge several cells together. Select the cells, right-click->Format Cells->Select Alignment Tab->Check Merge Cells under "Text Control" heading

In case you don't know, you can also have multi-line cells. Use alt-Enter to break up the lines.
C-P-User-3 18-Nov-13 11:06am    
Can I do a screen cap and paste a JPG here ? I don't have a full grasp of the logistics of CodeProject's interface.
TnTinMn 18-Nov-13 11:11am    
I do not believe that you can post an image, but you could upload(like to SkyDrive or whatever) and post the link.
C-P-User-3 18-Nov-13 12:15pm    

Place cursor over cell

Slide cursor to top of sheet

Hover cursor over right edge of cell

Cursor becomes a bar with two arrows on a side

Click and hold

Slide cursor to the right.

Column should similarly expand

Release cursor

Ta-Da, wide column

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