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Private Sub Command1_Click()
Call dbConnect

SQL = "SELECT * FROM Expences WHERE ((('Month') Between # " & DTPicker1.Value & "# And # " & DTPicker2.Value & "#))"
RS.Open SQL, Conn, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly
With DataReport5.Sections("Section1").Controls 'section1 mean that section you create in datareport
.Item("Text1").DataField = RS("ID").Name
.Item("Text2").DataField = RS("Month").Name
.Item("Text3").DataField = RS("Expenditure").Name
.Item("Text4").DataField = RS("Purpose").Name
.Item("Text5").DataField = RS("Amount").Name

'.Item("Function1").DataField = MyRs("Amount").Name

End With

Set DataReport5.DataSource = RS

End sub

iam using ms-access 2003 database
month datatype as text for that i put 'Month'

but i cannot see the result on data report.

plz help me
Updated 7-Oct-22 1:32am

Dim stdate As String
Dim edate As String

Adodc1.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM StockRun WHERE format(SDate,'MM') Between '" & Format(DTPicker1.Value, "MM") & "' And '" & Format(DTPicker2.Value, "MM") & "'"
Text1.Text = Adodc1.RecordSource

SDate Record needs to be formatted as well to get a match....
this worked fine
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Dave Kreskowiak 7-Oct-22 8:10am    
You might want to stick to answering questions that were asked in the current decade.
Member 13532114 7-Oct-22 9:56am    
Some of us still have to maintain legacy systems, So this resource is valuable when trying to sort out older systems and maintain. It is of great use to me and prob others. So any input now or from the past is of great value to me. Why are you here !!. so be kind enough and keep that sort of comment to yourself..
SQL = "SELECT * " & _
"FROM Expences " & _
"WHERE ( '13/Oct/20013' Between '" & Format(DTPicker1.Value,"dd/MMM/yyyy") & "' And '" & Format(DTPicker2.Value,"dd/MMM/yyyy") & "')"

Note: '13/Oct/20013', is the variable date which will be compared with front end.
Fromatting date in dd/MMM/yyyy (i.e. 13/Oct/2013) is a good practice but if you are using the fornt end in a multilingual platform please compare it with sql server mm-dd-yyyy format.
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Try this.

If the month is in MM format then,
SELECT * FROM Expences WHERE ('Month') Between '" & Format(DTPicker1.Value, "MM") & "' And '" & Format(DTPicker2.Value, "MM") & "' 

Hope this will solve ur problem.
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