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i try to add pending column

there is two tables documnet and approval table

i show document in grid view but here i add one more column that is pending column

just like this
docid docname file documnettype deptype status
1    abc      abc.pdf  pdf        finance  pending

i try to add column which is pending when user upload document then its status automatically show as pending

in approve type there is approve,reject and pending

create procedure sppendingfilesss
select DocumentInfo.DepID,DocumentInfo.DocName,DocumentInfo.Uploadfile,DocType.DocType,Department.DepType,ApproveType.ApproveType
from DocumentInfo inner join DocType on DocumentInfo.DocTypeID=DocType.DocTypeID inner join Department on DocumentInfo.DepID=Department.DepID
inner join ApproveType  on DocumentInfo.ApproveID=ApproveType.ApproveID  and (ApproveType.ApproveType=2)
Updated 15-Oct-13 10:15am
bryce 15-Oct-13 21:13pm    
can you explain more about what you want to do

Diya Ayesa 16-Oct-13 3:48am    
i want to add a column pending in gridview through store procedure..means that when any user upload document then in grid-view automatically status display as pending the above query which i posted as a show upload documents now in this i want to add pending status i have a separate approve type table in which approveid ,approvetype(1 approve 2 reject ,3 pending) ...and i show pedning in grdiview . @bryce
Diya Ayesa 16-Oct-13 4:27am    
plz see this article i post in deatiledd..

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