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I created a new project "WindowsFormsApplication1" and placed a default empty form
Even if I run this simple form project, I am getting same problem

"Error while trying to run project: Could not load file or assembly 'WindowsFormsApplication1' or one of its dependencies. The module was expected to contain an assembly manifest."

plz help me to solve this problem
I am not understanding the problem,,, wheather it is in my project or visual studio

This problem is happen when just run the empty form also , and not changed any settings in the application.
Updated 11-Oct-13 0:03am
bryce 11-Oct-13 0:32am    
you might need to tell us a lot more about it...
the default windows form app already has a simple form as a basic starting point, did you build and run that before adding your extra form?

Santhoshpettacode 11-Oct-13 5:05am    
I have updated the question please tell me now if you know the answer..
member 8888995 11-Oct-13 1:15am    
Please provide further details. Have you changed anything in code or referenced any assembly and then moved it? Please paste code for Form1.cs
Santhoshpettacode 11-Oct-13 5:05am    
i have not changed any code just empty form , and i have also updated the question.
member 8888995 11-Oct-13 6:17am    
Create a console based simple 'hello world' application in notepad and test it by running it from command prompt. Cause if you are not changed anything and you are getting this error then it might be possible that something is missing in your development environment or framework.

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