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i am Using TabControl in My Project, i want Hide TabControl Headers only not in Whole Tab,

any Solution is there
Updated 3-Sep-20 5:47am
Meysam Toluie 1-Jul-13 17:52pm    
You must explain more about your issue to gain the best solution.


I use the first answer, plus the deletion of the tab text.

tabControl1.Appearance = TabAppearance.FlatButtons;
tabControl1.ItemSize = new Size(0, 1);
tabControl1.SizeMode = TabSizeMode.Fixed;

foreach (TabPage tab in tabControl1.TabPages)
    tab.Text = "";

After that i use a treeview to select each tab, like a "configuration form style".
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MrGenie 27-Sep-16 5:44am    
I don't think this is a nice solution as you'll get a big border around your control.
Member 14131805 24-Oct-20 10:43am    
very good idea!!!! thank very much!!!
BruceG 11-Apr-21 23:57pm    
Works great!!!!
I Finded the Solutions

Solution is

Maintab.Appearance = TabAppearance.FlatButtons; Maintab.ItemSize = new Size(0, 1); Maintab.SizeMode = TabSizeMode.Fixed;
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Ajeet Kumar 9-Oct-19 7:01am    
Have also tried on design time. but using code is a good idea.
MCS_Erik 11-Feb-20 4:41am    
Just wanna say 'Thank you!'. Works great!
If you are using Windows Forms, the only way to hide a single tab page is to remove it from the TabPages collection of the Tabs control. There is no .Visible attribute that works on Tab Pages. If you are using WPF I think there are ways to do it, but I don't know what framework you are using.
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Meysam Toluie 1-Jul-13 17:50pm    
I think you didn't read the question carefully. vijay79041384 didn't ask a solution for hiding a TabPage, but the TabPage's header. did S/He?

private void TabItemControl_MouseEnter(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {
 if (this.TabItemControl.IsSelected == false) { this.TabItemControl.Opacity = 100;}

private void TabItemControl_MouseLeave(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {
 if (this.TabItemControl.IsSelected == false) { this.TabItemControl.Opacity = 0;}

private void TabAllControl_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e) {
 if (this.TabItemControl.IsSelected == false) { this.TabItemControl.Opacity = 0;}
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//Hide TabPage and Remove the Header:

//Show TabPage and Visible the Header:

tabControl1.TabPages.Insert(2, tabPage3);
tabControl1.TabPages.Insert(4, tabPage5);
tabControl1.SelectedTab = tabPage1;
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First you set the Tab buttons to the bottom then after you finish your design you slightly minimize your form size so that it only hides the tab buttons and you can access them thorough your own buttons like:-
n being the index of the tabs (Begins from 0).
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