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I am working on 3.0 from 1.5 Years, I want to learn diff. technology. So, Which do you prefer? I am looking for MVC or WCF. Please suggest one to me?
Updated 13-Feb-13 10:03am
Guirec 13-Feb-13 1:14am    
In my opinion there is no contest: I vote for MVC.
The fundamentals of a protocol agnostic service mechanism (WCF) is very interesting in theroy but in reality it is a pain in the neck (debugging and configuration) for almost every user. Many architecs are reverting from it now in favor of home made API or technology like WebAPI.
MVC will serve you more on your resume.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 13-Feb-13 1:18am    
Not a correct question, nearly off-topic. Nobody can give a valid answer, because we don't know your background and criteria...
ZurdoDev 13-Feb-13 15:40pm    
OP is just looking for opinions.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 13-Feb-13 15:47pm    
I do understand that, but an opinion not based on some knowledge about OP is not so valuable... And MVC and WCF cannot be considered as alternatives...
db7uk 13-Feb-13 15:15pm    
As SA said. You cannot get an answer without background. As for the first comment. You can't go MVC if you are talking about service bus's, tcp and socket communications or anything real time. my opinion is that MVC (more to the point WebAPI that was spawned from MVC and MVC not being a service anyway its a pattern) is for websites. WCF is for complex services. WebAPI is for http based services that compliment http based UI's.

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