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I need to use protobuf libarary in my visual studio 2013,which I probably suppose supports c++03 ,so without the correct protobuf version I am getting error when I try to run the c++ code which has imported the generated header.

.proto file compiled with version :protoc 3.21

error :ProtoBuf requires atleast C++11

What I have tried:

I tried installing the protobuf pacakage using vcpkg ,but it is installing the version 3.21 which is failing to run in visual studio 2013.
Kindly Provide a suitable version as well as link of the site to download.
Updated 6-Jun-23 22:50pm
Shao Voon Wong 7-Jun-23 6:22am    
Visual Studio 2013 supports C++11. You have to enable it in the project properties dialog.

1 solution

As per this GitHub issue[^], all versions since 3.6.0 require C++ 11, and will not work in such an ancient version of Visual Studio.

If you can't update to a recent version of Visual Studio (why not? The community edition of VS2022[^] is free!) then you'll need to use protobuf v3.5.x or earlier.
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CPallini 7-Jun-23 8:01am    

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