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I am a SWE student and I have to write my own RDBMS using C++.
I am not going to write smth simple like txt file with all operations with O(n) cost.

I am really interested in RDBMS implementation.
I have questions like:
1. File architecture
2. Could I load whole table into RAM (I think that it is bad, because It could be harmful for memory performance)
3. What algorithms should I use for all SQL operations?

I want to know how does real RDBMS implemented.
What literature shall I read, etc.

What I have tried:

I've watched this SQL lesson SQL Tutorial - Full Database Course for Beginners - YouTube[^]
I've read this article about SQL implementation SQL Tutorial - Full Database Course for Beginners - YouTube[^]
Updated 6-Jun-23 2:43am
CHill60 6-Jun-23 7:59am    
You do realise this is a "Quick" answers forum - I suggest you start reading articles and books on RDBMS design - you could do a lot worse than starting with Codd - see Codd’s Rules for Relational Database Systems - SQL in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition [Book][^]
temchik_ggg 6-Jun-23 8:54am    
I want to get the answer about articles \ books that covers my questions) Thanks for your answer

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temchik_ggg 6-Jun-23 8:56am    
Thanks a lot!
CPallini 6-Jun-23 9:03am    
You are welcome.
Patrice T 7-Jun-23 9:24am    
CPallini 7-Jun-23 12:46pm    
Thank you.
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