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I had created responsive website using HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. But some part or some elements not working properly in smaller screens. And I don't know where the error exactly is, so sharing the github link. Please do check the codes and lemme know the bugs and their solution.

GitHub - Ritik-flaee/Responsive-Website-Using-Html-Css-and-Javascript[^]

What I have tried:

Created a responsive website but facing errors
Updated 2-Jun-23 3:01am
Richard MacCutchan 2-Jun-23 9:03am    
No-one here is going to download your project and try to analyse it for you. You need to show the code that has the problem and explain clearly what that problem is.
Richard Deeming 2-Jun-23 9:04am    
Nobody is going to trawl through your entire codebase looking for problems that you can't even describe clearly.

Particularly since you obviously don't know how the HTML <a> element works - your GitHub link was invisible because you'd left the element empty!

You need to show us the minimum amount of code required to reproduce the problem, explain precisely what the problem is, and tell us what you have tried and where you are stuck.
Andre Oosthuizen 2-Jun-23 9:29am    
You have answered your own question - 'some part or some elements not working properly in smaller screens' which lets me to believe that you have no resizing code in your css files. When stuck, go back to basics and always design for mobile first - Responsive Web Design - Media Queries[^]
Gerry Schmitz 2-Jun-23 10:31am    
UI's developed on a "larger screen" do not automatically scale well to smaller screens; both have to be taken into consideration during development.

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