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I don’t know where to turn. Sorry for the long text, but it is difficult to explain.

I could really use someones help as all of my IOS devices have been continuously hacked, mostly remotely and I have paid a computer company a lot of money to develop an App for me. It is at the stage to test, but I am too afraid to download it just for this person to mess it up The App is mostly a mobile app and I have all Apple devices, but purchased a cheap Android phone to test it on and a Microsoft laptop that I have not checked yet to see if it’s hacked, but I am pretty certain that it is I have actually seen and have saved some of the code that I have found, but definitely do not possess the high level of skill set that most all of you have and can’t decipher it. I don’t have a lot money left because I have been paying computer companies to go in and remove the written code, but the very next day it is back. The problem is that my hacker is my husband. I have purchased YubeKeys, but set them up wrong, need to factory reset them and start over. I don’t want to go through all that trouble if any scripts are still on my items. This has been going on for 3 years and my App launch a year late. Please someone tell me that you can help me! Thank you! Krista Moser [REMOVED]

What I have tried:

Constantly factory resetting all of my devices, backing up to the cloud. I then create a whole new Apple ID WITHOUT reloading the back up. You are allowed 10 Apple ID’s and I am on my 9th one. Have also taken all of my devices to computer companies and tell them that they will have to find and fix the hacking code because it doesn’t show up on regular virus or malware software.
Updated 30-May-23 5:36am
Dave Kreskowiak 30-May-23 11:29am    
Phone and email removed. You can put them back if you really like being spammed, but as a rule, NEVER post your contact information in a public forum.
Krista Weaver 30-May-23 11:41am    
Thank you for doing that for me. I greatly appreciate it, just so very, very desperate.

1 solution

Sorry, but we can't help - we aren't a "coder for hire" site, and you need someone who can go through things with a fine tooth comb.

I'd strongly suggest that you talk to your husband if it is he who is hacking you - either directly or via a divorce lawyer ...
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Krista Weaver 30-May-23 11:44am    
He says it’s not him, but I find that hard to believe. I have even gone so far as having my own business class wi-fi with a static IP installed. If this is not the place to be, then could someone be kind enough to direct me to the right place? Thank you!

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