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Using Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 Version 17.5.3

I have two SQL database projects in my solution: Proj1 and Proj1Log. Proj1 database contains a function that retrieves information from tables of Proj1Log. The function looks like "select ... from [$(Proj1Log)].[dbo].[LogTable]".

To handle the $(Proj1Log) variable I tried to add a reference from Proj1 to Proj1Log using the "Add Database Reference" -> "Database project in current solution" and selecting the Proj1Log project with the corresponding variable.
But adding the reference failed with the following error: "Project Proj1.sqlproj contains a reference to a project which is unloaded: <path>\Proj1Log.sqlproj.".

Both projects are successfully loaded in the solution.

How can I fix the error and add reference to another database project?

Please, advise.
Thank you.

What I have tried:

1. Unload and reload one of the projects and both of them.
2. Temporary exclude the function referencing Proj1Log from the Proj1 in order to compile both projects without any error / warning.
3. Ask Google for the solution - the similar question on Stack Overflow has no answer.
Gerry Schmitz 25-Mar-23 18:18pm    
Show the rest of the "function". Maybe you have your languages mixed up.
Haifovchanin 27-Mar-23 7:56am    
This is the query in Proj1, that creates the function.
TypeId (integer) and Timestamp (timestamp) columns are defined in the Log table in Proj1Log project.

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[ViewErrorLog]
@logType int
select top(300)
[Id] as 'Id'
,[Time] as 'Time'
,[Application] as 'Application'
,[Text] as 'Error'
from [$(Proj1Log)].[dbo].[Log] with (nolock)
where [TypeId] <= @logType
order by [Timestamp] desc
mtoha 6-Apr-23 2:10am    
actually, when I am having that error, I am just skip that error. SQL DB Project sometimes buggy, and no problem with another .NET Project.
Haifovchanin 10-Apr-23 2:29am    
Thanks for an answer!
The code works correctly on real SQL DB.
Your answer is the best. :)
mtoha 10-Apr-23 9:20am    
Alright. great.. You are welcome

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