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Hi, I have many Double Animation in a StoryBoard & all work on the same time duration but appart from the rotation transfrom for the model which should be in unision with the othe axis moves. This is the code I am using the Rotation but it seems to wait till all the other moves are finished then jumps (i.e. not at a duration) to the end angle. I have been trying everything for weeks but no soultion. Thanks in advance.

I can add X,Y & Z to Storyboard (Via Double Animation) and they all work in unison i.e. all at the same time (Exactly what I need) but the C axis (i.e. rotation is not moving in sync (i.e at the end of the other & not smooth - More of a jump to end)

I think its the Property path don't know whats best to change it to or how find out the properties at all.

Snippet explaination:-
C_Axis_Move is the Rotation
Z_Tran is the Axis move (There would be more but they are just duplicate of whats here.
Sim_Dur is the duration for all moves to be done in.

What I have tried:

'C axis
           Dim C_Rot As RotateTransform3D = New RotateTransform3D
           C_Rot.CenterX = 0
           C_Rot.CenterY = 0
           C_Rot.CenterZ = 0
           Dim myAxisAngleRotation3dC As AxisAngleRotation3D = New AxisAngleRotation3D
           myAxisAngleRotation3dC.Axis = New Vector3D(0, 0, 1)
           myAxisAngleRotation3dC.Angle = C
           C_Rot.Rotation = myAxisAngleRotation3dC

           If LastC <> C Then
               element.RegisterName("rotationC", myAxisAngleRotation3dC)

               Dim C_Axis_Move As DoubleAnimation = New DoubleAnimation()
               C_Axis_Move.Name = "C"
               C_Axis_Move.From = LastC
               C_Axis_Move.To = C
               C_Axis_Move.Duration = New Duration(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10)) 'Sim_Dur +

               Storyboard.SetTargetProperty(C_Axis_Move, New PropertyPath("Angle"))
               Storyboard.SetTargetName(C_Axis_Move, "rotationC")

           End If

           '******************* Z
           If Machine_Tool_Axis.Contains("Z") Then
               element.RegisterName("TranslateZ", Tran)
               Dim Z_Tran As DoubleAnimation = New DoubleAnimation()
               Z_Tran.Name = "Z_T"
               Z_Tran.From = Last_Point.Z
               Z_Tran.To = Next_Point.Z
               Z_Tran.Duration = Sim_Dur

               Storyboard.SetTargetProperty(Z_Tran, New PropertyPath("OffsetZ"))
               Storyboard.SetTargetName(Z_Tran, "TranslateZ")

           End If
Updated 24-Mar-23 6:04am
Ralf Meier 21-Mar-23 9:22am    
I'm sorry ... but for me this code-snippet isn't useful for having any idea about your problem ...
Knight school 26-Mar-23 6:19am    
I have update the Code but its difficault to break down to manageable size. I have managed to get a work around. I split the rotation & move into smaller pieces which can be animated in order. There for the user does not see the snapping. Not Ideal but work for now.

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