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Hello I am a student and we are getting online lessons. Teachers provide us 6 digit number codes so we can enter them to a mobile application to check we are absence in the lesson.

What I want to do is when a teacher or student writes 6 digit code to the chat my program automatically capture it and copy it so that I can know that E-Absence is now on and I can join.

This is not trying to steal 2 step authentication code because there are some people claimed this in other forums. There no way that people send 2 step authentication code to a message chat where there are 800+ people online.

So basically how can I write a code that Checks every message sent to the Microsoft teams chat and if that message is 6 digit number copies it.

Here is an example to the E-Absence code that I want to copy automatically.

What I have tried:

Photo of 6 digit number
Updated 16-Mar-23 8:31am

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So let me see if I understand you ... your teachers want to be sure that you are actually present in a lesson and not sleeping at your computer or goofing off playing games when you should be learning, and you need our help to cheat the system so you can goof off or prop up a picture and go away?

No. We aren't about to do that either. You want to do that, you need to learn how - so I'd stay in the lessons until they cover it if I was you ...
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Relmon 16-Mar-23 14:55pm    
Yep you get me right. Thing is that teachers don't listen students' feedbacks to improve the application so we are being victims all the time. I am not asking you to do it I am asking for how can I do it. Thx for your comment though.
OriginalGriff 16-Mar-23 15:18pm    
You are given rules to obey; they aren't arbitrary, and the chances are that they are the way they are because other students have circumvented previous attempts - so more stringent measures were needed.

Also bear in mind that your teachers probably aren't "professional developers" - so what they come up with is within their skill set, not what is "easy for students"! :D

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