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I have a software in c++ and a software in c#, I need to interface them..I search on google but I don't fine anything

What I have tried:

i search on internet but I don't find anything, do you have some examples? thanks
Updated 22-Feb-23 2:38am
Fred van Lieshout 21-Feb-23 10:30am    
You could take a look at SWIG:
Dave Kreskowiak 21-Feb-23 10:50am    
That depends entirely on what you mean by "interface them". Are you trying to use a C++ library in a C# app? A C# library in a C++ app? Or whatever else. You're going to have to go into far more detail to get a reasonable answer.
Member 14594285 21-Feb-23 11:06am    
yes, I must use a c++ library in c# app
Member 14594285 22-Feb-23 4:10am    
sorry, it's the opposite..c# library for c++..sorry
Gerry Schmitz 21-Feb-23 11:02am    
If you're not in a hurry, maybe transfer a file between them.

I must use a c++ library in c# app
For a non-NET C++ Executable (EXE or DLL) you use the DllImportAttribute Class (System.Runtime.InteropServices) | Microsoft Learn[^]
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See CodeProject example here: Calling All Stations[^]
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Member 14594285 23-Feb-23 8:56am    
this example is the opposite...c# that calls c++ libraries, but I need c++ that calls c# libraries..thanks
Now that you've completely reverse the question, and still left out a lot of detail, about the best you're going to get is this: use c# dll in C++ - Google Search[^]

The quality of the answers you get is directly dictated by the quality of the question you ask.
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A c# class can expose itself as a COM Server:
C# code [^]

and, If all other methods do not work, you can always use the socket API for interoperability.
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